Lots Happening in my Head (positively)

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The image represents the heading a tad.  Some literary flatlining has been going on. Not in the blocked writing fashion, but more as a recovery effort.  I suppose the blog has become collateral damage as a result…just as my failure to update my writing sites.

In the last thirty days (in no particular order) I was:

Quite a logjam of information!  I’ll write about it all, but it will happen more out of sequence than a Quentin Tarantino flick.  The winners will be those who subscribe to the blog: since they get notified of my posts…no matter what I set the date as.  All the rest will have to keep clicking and checking for anything above which caught interest.  I’ll link as I go, meaning I’ll keep this post at the top until late July, but some things may get lost in the shuffle.

I’m not trying to force anyone to subscribe, but there are perks: especially once I give the layout another renovation.  Hopefully the posts will all be up before camp starts again, but who knows.  I still plan on adding to the “cabin blog” we started before the June session.  Call it moonlighting…but I did make a couple posts very similar here as I had there.

More could be mentioned, but I’ll save it for one of the secretive posts.  Keep checking back; unless you’re a notified subscriber – since you’ll know the minute something is posted; no matter how heavy on the chronitons an entry happens to be.


Main Character Spotted:

Main Character Spotted

Seen leaving…

Destination: Unknown

Of course to quote Anthony Kiedis, “Now that is a lie.”  If I let everyone know where she was, someone might want to go out and catch her…and then I’ll never be able to finish the book on my own recognizance.

For fun, I’ll test out the idea of letting you know where she’s been: also to prove I finally got to the “inciting incident” and its consequence, so to speak.  You can also check out the scene at that locale [while it lasts] by scrolling down or “hit[ting] the jump” as I like to say.

Spoilers ahead – be warned!

If you DON’T want to be spoiled, you have two options (both which are FREE by the way):

1)  Wait until (at least) July for me to start posting chapters on Figment.

2)  Check it out from the beginning on Authonomy.

If you enjoy anything you see or read, don’t forget that I am still trying to StayClassy – but I’m not the “hard sell” type.

Enough warnings!  Look on if ye dare

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