Fantasy Football 2013: week 13


If the pic doesn’t depict it (and I will not explain what’s really happening in the context of that screenshot), I did not have a good week; at least when it came to my leagues.  I was in a delirium as well as a stupor for the most part this weekend: which I can thank and blame on being the end of the month…  Not just because of Thanksgiving, but the close of the Nanowrimo 2013 season – which shall be adequately covered in a separate post.

The lowest football moment was this week marking the end to my run on the All Over the Field VI league.  The playoffs will start next week, and I will not be a part.

Here’s what the commissioner of the league said as we entered week 13:

Twisted Sister (#7) vs. Half Measure (#10): The defending champ, guaranteed to have a winning record, is in great position because of overall season points (7th overall) even with a loss to make it; however, Half Measure, with a win, could break in to the top 8 through tie-breakers, only 54 points behind Twisted Sister on the season thus far…Half Measure has not made a playoff since 2010, finishing 16th each of the last two years…

I ended up in tenth place (of 16).  The top eight ascended to playoffs.  Here’s what the commish said regarding my elimination:

For a guy who took Blair Walsh in the first round, 6-7 is NOT a bad record!!!!!

Congratulations to Twisted Sister for defeating me; snapping my three-game winning streak, and making it to the playoffs.

In other news, I lost in the other league as well.  On the bright side, I wrote a whole novel [actually calling it a finished first draft] in November.  Hey now!

Twisted Sister Gets Win Against Half Measure

VGPA Lions Gets Win over Flippy Flop, Undefeated in the Series

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