Nanowrimo Interview ’09

Time to start it out for 2010 – the bloggery.  This is from an interview I gave for ’09.  It never appeared because the writer decided to use females for a women or mom type of magazine point of view for the article.  But here it is now…

This is unedited/unaltered since I first sent it off.  Click the jump to read it all…

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Writing Revelations (& goals?)

Some writing revelations came to me while working on my Restless submission.

I decided to split my NaNo ’09 novel in half.  This means everything intended to be my story at the beginning of NaNo ’09 won’t be the novel at all.  Guess I really took my vow seriously do to make the soldiers proud (I’ll just call this person “B” to keep anonymity).  Aware or not, this person was one of the few to shape this novel. This means at least two things:

1) I am most likely changing the title of the novel.

2) NaNo ’10 might be the continuation of the story- if enough interest and feedback.  And it’s a good backup plan if I don’t have any inspiration for a new novel.

During this time I also have this epic idea for adapting a book into a screenplay.  It’s out of print and costs in the triple digits to score a copy.  And no: it’s not the Roadracers book I’ve been trying to get an authentic copy of.  Think more Old Yeller meets Band of Brothers.  [Not really, but it make a compelling cliffhanger]. Continue reading

Chasing Alpha: Chapter 10

Chasing Alpha – Chapter TEN

There were many people I give a push in the right direction. Some a much welcomed pushed while a few got a last encouraging shove from me before they ended “shoved” elsewhere and in a much less desired situation. I do my best to get a better idea of who then people are under my command. It’s a trait of mine which helped me do my job much easier and get things much smoother than the average commander. At least on the front of in front and behind one’s back. I say we all know some about all of the men. And a few give all. But there’s the outliers too; those who are few and little to none is known from anyone about those types. One of them I had the pleasure of knowing went eventually by the moniker of Ubu. A friend to all and a lover of dramatics for the sake of comedy, he always had a way to keep mutual friendship at bay.

The most genius are said to teeter on the brink of insanity. This guy seemed to be an expert at appearances, and had most of his superiors to stick him into some sort of fifty one fifty regiment. That’s slang for something involving anything related to suspecting someone is crazy or at least not firing on all cylinders. Time and time again the subject passed any examination. I think the exams were legit in my mind. People just had a hard time pegging what exactly to do with the guy. I felt a bit bad for him at first until I figured out how it seemed to be Ubu liked all the ado about him. Whether anyone knows it or not, it’s my accomplishment or responsibility for how the young man came to serve under me. Seemed I was chilling in the officer club, cliche as it sounded..  And I heard one of the people at the bar grumbling about a guy he would rather not be stuck with under his command. I am joked about as a soft touch anyway, so I happened upon them and asked what there was so much trouble about. They thought they were unloading a ripe one on me and putting one over, but I was the one who  caught enough info to hear I wanted to put my nose into their business.

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Official NaNoWriMo validated winner to make it official…

Had to make a quick post to say I validated late last night to prove I officially “won” NaNoWriMo by getting my word quota; which garnered me the coveted “purple bar” Winner! which shows I completed which I set out to do, as far as the quantity is concerned.

But as Stuntman Mike quoted to Butterfly…  “I’ve got miles to go before I sleep.”

With being at chapter ten of a possible thirty – and having two or three chapters which might total up to half my 50k NaNo quota… Yeah: rewrite and organization  is in my future.

Chasing Alpha: Chapter Nine

Chasing Alpha – Chapter NINE

There are a few people who I remember very well outside of our team. Ones who weren’t part of the five of us. Until then, I want to go back a little further. I told about why I signed up and my family, but I wasn’t sure if I painted my family in the best light. I am not taking back how I felt at all, but I also wanted to tell a story I was not sure where else to fit. It’s about my family. My dad and my grandfather to be more exact. Part of it shows a different side since it wasn’t always the fact memorable moments came from disobedience or firearms. It also helps show more insight about the way I felt before I joined. That thin camouflage line I called the velvet rope of the family.

One of the better things about being in the family was at least I never had that weird moment of my parents or some kin member trying to talk me out of enlisting or anything like that. The funny thing was how maybe they didn’t expect to even join since I abstained from talking about most of it. Problem really wasn’t I didn’t want to enlist but no matter what I chose would have probably had someone else try to convince me to switch to another branch or even to drop out if that’s where I was planning to go. I have an uncanny way to know my family. Maybe I am one of the few who is so observant within the clan.

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Hit the 50k mark

Not that I am saying the story is a QUALITY 50, but I crossed the 50,000 word mark which is what counts as a “win” condition for NaNoWriMo.

From what I recall (and too lazy to check my scraps of paper), I wrote 78k in the 2008 NaNoWriMo.  This one is challenging for many self-imposed reasons, and I probably have WAY too much word padding, but I will be able to trim a boatload of things down.  Most likely I have to split a majority of chapters into two or three parts each.  Maybe I’ll even get nutty and make things like chapter eight A, B, C, D.  Who knows…

I’ll try to post at another significant milestone.  And all chapter comments are welcome.  This will be up a relatively short amount of time as I see it.  Be as harsh as you want; I can handle it.   I’m seriously hoping for an accurate and interesting story; so far told between a broad scope and smaller first-person perspectives.

Stay writing, my friends…

Chasing Alpha: Chapter Eight

Chasing Alpha – Chapter EIGHT

Oh geeze and Louise, where to start. Looking back I knew a lot of people. A LOT really. But I maybe never did get to really know anyone too awfully well. Because that’s the thing. Sometimes the more you know someone, the more awful they can be. That’s the little play on words. But that’s how living together makes people start hating each other. A little distance and mystery can go a long way for me. Not that I was really a play favorites type of guy. I was just there do my thing and tell it like it T I is when my opinion was called upon. I knew the way the chain worked. Life on a chain, and I respect it. Because I would want the same respect. I may have a big mouth, I know it, but I also wasn’t the one to mouth off. I wasn’t into the grab of power. I saw stuff like that happen even just in games and it was very uncool.

I played a lot of games when I probably shouldn’t have. But I also maybe shouldn’t have. It was in private. I had an older brother and, well he and I did not get along too well all the time. And I used to sneak and play games but he never knew about it. We’d even play each other but he was never one the wiser. Or else I’m sure I would have caught the wind of hurt. He was older by a few so even if he wasn’t as tough now as I am, he could have still given me enough of a pounding.

I am not a guy who knew a lot of the tech stuff. I am kind of against technology in some ways. I am into the tangible. It’s the right word from language arts class. Thinking of a tangerine is the trick. A tangerine is tangible. It’s able to be held, smelled, eaten. Physical. I like my life as tangible as possible. A gun is tangible. The little friendlies it sends out after a target. Hot lead is tangible. It slices through you and it’s like touching the glass on the front of grandma’s oven. It’s white and blinding for the receiver. No fun.

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