Another Game on my Radar…

Sunset game screenshot

There’s a new game being talked about and it really cleans house.  Literally.  It’s called Sunset; brought to you by Belgium-based developer Tale of Tales.

Explosions; unrest in the streets; the verge of anarchy.  And where are you?  Inside an opulent dwelling…where your mission is to keep the domicile tidy.

Would I play this?  You bet!  I’d follow all the directions on the sticky notes.

Check out this trailer and hit the jump to learn a tad more about all this seemingly-mundane gameplay (which I would rather downplay because it’s just the way I am).

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2013 Flashback – My Desktop: March 2013

Mesnard desktop 13.03

Much is at play with this image; behind and on top of the desktop.

The obvious is what a cluttered mess things are.  Less than a month away from Script Frenzy Camp Nanowrimo‘s April session; which I  decided to write a screenplay rather than a novel [which is a legitimate choice in Camp Nano this year].  There is also one or two shorts which won’t see the light of day.  Poor concepts.  Good thing I keep my ego in check came to my senses.

Business concerning a couple writing buddies are displayed on my digital plate, but I also picked up an “outside” project.  I was hired for another script doctor job.  For those who don’t check my freelance profiles, I used to be a screenwriter before making an effort at prose.

Being a script doctor is pretty much like being a ghostwriter.  Tasks can be simple; such as formatting a script correctly, or lowering a page count.  Heavier lifting could be rewriting dialogue or changing the story completely.  This is a short film, but I’m treating it just as seriously as anything else I put efforts into.

If anyone reading this is looking for someone to do any editing, polishing, or whatnot…I’m for sale hire.  [Contact me or comment if interested.]

As the image is concerned – the obvious answer is Star Wars art.  It was said to be for an emulation program.  The game Star Wars Galaxies went defunct when The Old Republic MMO got readied for launch.  Such a thing hasn’t stopped many people from assembling teams and launching versions of the game all their own.  So long as someone legitimately owns a copy of the game discs, it is legal to participate.

This game is entitled SWGemu.  Not only was a former guildmate part of the team at one time, it’s the version I have been leaning most towards.  The image is supposed to represent a new introduction cinematic (or cut scene) for this game’s iteration.  It is certainly ambitious.

I couldn’t accurately track down the artist, but I’ll add it as soon as I’m positive.  I have a feeling I know who did it…but I did not wish to inaccurately credit.  I’ll get to the bottom of it.

For a taste of what the game is like, here’s a bonus video.  If I had more time in a day (or a genie allowed me to never sleep yet never feel tired), now you know where I’d be.

My Gaming: December 2012

gaming Dec2012

The plan was to make a tease sort of post; but things didn’t go off as I hoped.  In fact, much of this concept didn’t go off as expected…but I hope it will be a recurring segment.

Since I spend a lot of time talking about (or actually playing) my PSP, I thought this year I’d use my modified handheld to not only showcase some of the silly games I play, but also prove there is plenty of reason not to jump to the “PSV” quite yet (even though the PSVita will have a theoretic life of at least two more years, but I digress…).

With emulators and homebrew, all sorts of things can still be accomplished on a PSP Slim [2k of 3k] such as mine: despite Plagueis the Wise and Palp the Craggy corroborating my firmware being “unnatural” in a word.

Originally I hoped to have a slideshow each month, but flash doesn’t work here.  Then I hoped to do a gallery here, but things weren’t working as I hoped.  Then I planned to make two galleries: one showing my screenshots for that month, and another linking to each game (for deeper investigation) – but ImageShack doesn’t let one image exist in two albums.

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Literary Road to Glory: 2013

Mesnard’s “Glory Road” progress:

Year 2 dorm room

Lat year I had delusions of ambition.  Not only did I make a whole slew of writing goals, but I wanted to formulate a system where I could fail and still succeed: so I wouldn’t fall into the trappings of a majority who make resolutions for a new year.  Thus, I adopted this Road to Glory point system and progress meter…heavily stolen inspired by the PSP game NCAA Football 2010.

My version entailed a month-by-month roadmap: with secondary goals to help bolster any months which I faltered; or rather, my endeavors proved too ambitious.  To top it off, I made a more long-term (and secretive) goal which I gave myself a decade to accomplish.

What’s my secret agenda?  That’s still a pinky swear with Palpatine shrouded with secrecy.  Life would be boring without secrets, don’t you think?

Though my output was abysmal a few months (and then some), writing in December rather than enjoying Nanowrimo burnout was what finally helped me amass enough points to pull off a Road 2012 victory.

Since things seemed to go so well, I decided to definitely do it all over again for 2013.  Raising the stakes higher, I even altered my long-range goal (which is the second progress bar at the top of this post) to drive myself a tad harder.

What’s in store for me this year?  Hit the jump to get the month-by-month breakdown.

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Literary Road to Glory: 2012 Recap

The dorm room is packed and cleaned; which brings my foray into literary ambition to a close…at least for this year.  I didn’t plan to give up after a single year of making resolutions.  The big question is how I fared.

Before I cap things off, here’s a look at the cryptic “score sheet” I scrawled out to help become my roadmap. [click to enlarge]

2012 goal sheet (top)

2012 goal sheet (bottom)

How cryptic was it?  I tried to decode it on at least three occasions.  The sheet of notebook paper made a lot of sense at the time, but I made alterations as the months rolled by…a bit because the unexpected cropped up, but mostly to make things more challenging for myself.

After the jump is my 2012 progress report.

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Been a year, Mikey…

Mikey fishy

It’s been a year and two days since you saw a Dead Hot Workshop performance.  It’s been a year and a day since you spent all night getting the baby’s room up to your level of perfection – and it’s been a year since I found out a December phone call would be our last conversation.

A day still hasn’t gone by without something popping into my mind.  A song; a Howard moment; a syndicated Simpsons episode I didn’t see yet.

Most commonly it’s one of those throwaway lines we’d use towards one another; like a stenographer’s shorthand.  Something most wouldn’t pay attention to, but spoke a paragraph of feelings or emotion towards one frivolous thing or another.  “Who told you that!”  “Oh no, nippy.”  “MM-hmmm…”  “Hello hello.”  “See?  Wha’d I tell you!”  “Ho-MER…!”  “Let me see bonehead…”

What’s a worse travesty – me not talking to you again or me not knowing your favorite Dead Hot album?  Who am I kidding – it was that garage cassette tape you never got enough of…and didn’t get enough of making me listen to.  Not like I objected.  I was just as proud as you were when we saw your favorite band “go national” so to speak.  I still have a copy of that Best Buy ad safely tucked away in a box somewhere.

Music was a thing of ours.  With all we had in common, nothing was better than listening to CDs in your Toyota – or whatever music format on my stereo.  Hunting down tracks; hearing new cuts on the radio.  Acoustic rarities.  Our shared interest in local and obscure music; including bands we went to high school with.  I still wonder how your radio picked up those heyday performances of Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin as we froze while camping out in the woods near the crater for that dirtbike race.

I hoped to post a  jukebox of tunes, but these will more than do: representing the Tempe sound and spirit of Long Wongs.  As Brent would say, “This is a love song…  Well, they’re all love songs, aren’t they?”

Amazing. You still had a way to help guide with a couple of these choices.

Flip a coin / What shall we talk about

Something new next year?

Even if I did…I still doubt I would forget.

Rate me Highly (or Lowly) Now!

My latest blog feature is a rating system for posts and pages.

Why now?  I wanted to “branch out” a while.  Writing is still the main focus here; and the “Road to Glory” feature is now a fixture; but an experimental expansion has been in the works.

As Jules Winnfield might ask, “Example.”

Many know I spend time on my heavily-modified PSP.  I thought a while about a monthly visual gaming feature.  I often play in cycles, and most titles fall outside the realm of popularity: especially since many games are imports or via emulation; which could keep things unique around here.

Going in another direction is a sports recap.  I played in various Yahoo Fantasy leagues more than a few years now, and this NFL season I started my own small league; emphasizing on luck and fun rather than aggression or hyper-competitiveness.  Yahoo added automated weekly recaps (which I found highly amusing) of head-to-head team match-ups; which I want to retroactively post.

[NoteIf any of you have a Yahoo account and want to get in on future action, let me know.  I still have a college bowl “pick ’em” league with open slots too at this moment.]

Incorporating other interests can showcase my other facets without perpetuating blogging tropes relying on personal dramatics or day-to-day struggles to keep things interesting.  My goal is to keep this place entertaining above all else.

Other past ideas were things like older album reviews or canceled television shows; but working on novels, scripts, or short stories seem a better way to spend my allocated writing time for now.

Many renovations got made to the blog this year, but I want much more: even if things seem at a standstill for now.

What else for the future?  I wanted more than just a sidebar and the About heading at the top, such as a contact or feedback area; offering an easier way for people to get in touch or ask questions.  One long-in-the-making addition has been a supporter section to thank followers; or paying time and mind to this blog.  A timeline or achievements section has personal appeal, but hinges more on my free time.

Some of the above will likely be incorporated into my 2013 resolutions.  On that note, a Road to Glory tab would be a great addition to help keep me accountable; since those monthly goals play part in a decade-long plan.

Hopefully the ratings addition proves a great way to see where to occupy my time when not writing; or even what to procrastinate with.

As always, comments (and now ratings) are welcome.