New Story Written: Look Down

Look Down cover - Matt MesnardLook Down – short story

Instead of doing what I was supposed to be working on this month, I decided to mess around with writing a short story when a couple of different thoughts collided into my head.  Idea one was something to do with hair color, and idea two was a line I thought I heard from a song which got stuck in my head.  So I sat down and banged out this little story.

This is a story concerning a man who passes a woman on a sidewalk.  I can boil it down to a single sentence.  Turning to a musical analogy, Look Down is more of a guitar solo rather than a fully-formed song.  It’s a bit interesting; and I made a lackadaisical attempt to make it sound like a certain musical act.  I don’t feel like directly saying who, but I suddenly feel like I shouldn’t be playing marbles with a certain guy from their song collection.

Read the story now, and comment here or on the site about it if you wish.  It’s free!


2013 Flashback – My Desktop: June 2013

Mesnard desktop 13.06

(This feature promotes discussion and interaction: giving an inside look of my creative craziness.  Ask about something about the desktop image and I shall answer.)

The more I intend to organize…  My desktop is practically covered.  Sheesh.

What is the closest thing to actual writing?  An image pertaining to a contest I entered regarding an “edgy” YA novel; which is the confounding (to old and out-of-touch me) genre New Adult.  I watered-down a loose premise in the back of my mind, and submitted the entry to Figment.  Take a look if you wish.

Back to that desktop image…  I was still riding high because of reading a certain Indy screenplay…while feeling nostalgic for LucasArts the way I remembered [I’ll try not to make a Gone Jackals reference here – DOH!].

By the way: did you know how difficult it is to find orichalcum on ebay?

The background I chose relates to a fan-made Indiana Jones game (in progress) which looks and functions pretty close to the point-and-click masterpiece Fate of Atlantis.  To get a look or try one of the demos from this labor of love (and possibly fedoras), you have two options.  Go to Facebook or go to college.

Barnett College, where Dr. Jones started teaching in 1937, is the site with all you need to know about the game.  Giving the Facebook page some support may not hurt either…especially if you are good at putting the word to the fanboy streets.

Don’t feel like doing either?  Look at a clip here…

If you read this far, you deserve a fanfilm treat.  How about a cinematic trailer pertaining to Fate of Atlantis?

My Olympic Tale

More than a year ago I had a writing “homework” assignment: write a story about anything, so long as it was within the framework of the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver.  I ended up with a short story entitled ‘Couver Tales.

A man hanging out in a watering hole encounters a former skating rival – in which the two faced off with one another in a prior Olympic year.  A few sports get mentioned, and maybe something will be learned in the end by the reader.

I should be writing, but I felt reposting this story on my Figment account would be slightly current and topical.  It’s not new, so it won’t end up on my “batting order” setup in the sidebar.  To give the story a read, click here or on the below image.

New short story: Hero?

Even if my entry was a day past due [what I get for giving it a few days to breathe and getting absent-minded], I still had to post it.  At least I can use the excuse I was away at camp writing, instead of blaming my literary tardiness on gaming or books consisting of floundering stock certificates many faces.

My big problem was coming up with a title.  If you read the micro-short and make a name suggestion, I may rename it (and give you attribution/promotion of course).

Click the image, the earlier link, or this link to read.