I’m Published (on Leanpub)

KD first proofI’d rather talk about the tech than talk about me – but here are the nuts and bolts on the situation…

People know I write.  When asked if anything is available to read, usually I point them to my Figment profile for free stories.  I’m asked if I have anything published, and I talk about some unfinished novels, or projects to revise.

Three novels are in the pipeline for [digital] publishing.  One is the first draft of a complete story, and the other two haven’t been completed yet.  Why would I publish unfinished works?  It keeps with the motto of Leanpub: Publish early, publish often.

leanpubI discovered Leanpub this year as a sponsor for Camp Nanowrimo.  I realized they were also a sponsor for Nano 2012, but for whatever reason I did not explore it.

What stands out most publishing through Leanpub is an opportunity to have an unfinished work available for purchase; which can not only provide valuable feedback, but the opportunity to provide free updates to readers.  Leanpub also has great free services to make works ready for publishing – not only converting your text to be available for Kindle or iPad, but a pdf which can be used to make a print version.

The royalties are simple to understand (you keep 90% minus fifty cents per copy).  Another cool perk is a Nano category in their bookstore.

All three projects currently on my profile are Nano works I mentioned at various times on this blog.  They all have free previews, and variable pricing for any who hate paying retail. I have a new email address for taking feedback and critiques, and also to respond.

Leanpub is a simple (and free) way to start publishing, but much elaboration upon a book’s design or layout is possible…if the writer wishes.

The video below is a little geeky and cutesy at the same time; explaining the site better in ten minutes than I can in a thousand words.


Alpha: Chapter 18 (ending)


I don’t know about the other guys, but this is the most daunting blank piece of paper I ever had to face.


They say a blank piece of paper is the ultimate foe of a writer. I am not a writer, and up until now I did not have a problem filling up pages of paper with my words: thoughts, facts, and opinions. This time it’s different. It’s the end. Not only an era of sorts, but it really was the ending for many people.


For some, this was the walking away moment. Not all had that luxury of course. Rolling or carried by pallbearers away from where it all happened. It’s a fact. It happens in every war; conflict; policing action. Time in and time out.


Most of the time this sort of thing I can eventually explain away. Yes I always take things a teeny bit personally, and even more when I have some sort of involvement. This time things were much different. Maybe this is the only time I had the word “failure” in such a sentence or a moment in time. This times it’s different.


A failed mission is jargon of course, as is a scrubbed or aborted one. Sometimes missions fail for a reason so innocuous it makes no sense; but still technically a failure. I had a lot but to me those were mostly just things that went bad. The last thing I was ever associated with was a big failure. I feel I failed all the men who were under me or even just “along for the ride” so to speak I’ve never been so hard on myself for something.

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Alpha: Chapter 17


Where to begin?

I know I begun already but this is the beginning of the end. As conflicted as I was to tell any stories or even get as personal as I did, I really don’t know. Maybe I feel safe knowing it is not my real name and my family will probably know nothing about this. In a way it’s like a diary but just, a little more like the captain’s log I guess. Even if my family read this, they still couldn’t be sure since nobody knows my full name anyway.


Up to this point I tried not to get too personal. Maybe I succeeded. Maybe I failed but I just didn’t realize it at the time. I decided to treat putting my story down as a path to something. Maybe it’s corny, but I never knew the right words to use to express myself most times. Maybe since my family is all private in each member’s way. Well my family and then “the clan” as known of course.


Honestly I am never afraid to do a task but I had fear from time to time. Maybe I was just blissfully unaware or I was so hyped up doing all of this I never stopped to look and realize where I was until the moment already passed my by, like my military service record for example.

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Alpha: Chapter 16


EVERYthing happened. And there there was nothing. That’s all I wish I’d have to tell you but it would be a disservice to all of my brothers as well as me too of course. One and for all, and all of that stuff no matter who it is taking the charge.


We’d do a lot of joking about if they wanted to do us in they better do their homework. Maybe that was fate or it was just dumb and blind coincidence, but it was a doozy for us. Maybe it was a little too much here and there, but that’s just how we rolled- literally I mean.


Compared to the other patrols, we’d roll a little bigger off the books from time to time. Sometimes it was for a good reason since we’d have another extra vehicle to scare away anyone who might be planning for one scenario and then getting another. Puts a little crimp in the plan if you know what I mean. If you expect three and get four, sometimes it can be enough intimidation to retreat or it can also pop the question if the intel being sniped from a rat was lying or being deceptive. The slightest bit of doubt can shake the strongest stuff apart and I know it.

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Alpha: Chapter 15


What happened the particular day was the worst day of the best time I ever had. I really can’t put a lot of it into words but I know there was a lot of bad in a mountain of good. If I stayed where I was I would be far below where I am now. Even if people might think my life is just normal, boring or average. I’m thankful for every bit of it. At least on the surface I seem normal for the most part. That’s more than some in my group ended up with.


This is not to say I was unharmed. There was a lot of rehabilitation and if it wasn’t for the support of my family I wouldn’t know what would have happened to me or the condition I would be in now. Things were really rough and a lot of what I had to deal with is tough to put into words to make me sound how I really felt. It might all come across badly even though I don’t mean to. A lot is just facts.


In some respects it would have been a lot easier to have lost a chunk from me or even lost a body part. It must sound like the weirdest thing and I probably don’t even truly mean it, but I would not have been going up such a steep hill or road. I was an unfortunate casualty of HTI.

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Alpha: Chapter 14

The more information one gathers can also lead to less and less confidence in that said information. This is even more true when the information gathers to a particular moment of time. It all becomes a judgment call more than what the genuine truth is. Most often it’s an estimation given with the copious amounts of skewed facts. It can be mining or panning for gold. Scooping everything told into a tray and then sifting it down to the few shimmering nuggets which count.


Words and words, guesstimation and conjecture. Most battles have these details recounted but everyone has their own take. Some really believe it all or think it’s what they saw or experienced. Many will start with the truth, but add a coat on top; thinking it’s what was wanting to be heard or read by whoever. In most cases in those times of war it’s best to be completely honest since more often than not nothing needs to be hidden.


The most pivotal moment of the group is known no more or less as “the incident” rather than anything descriptive or symphonic to the ear. Most every man in that convoy had an obscure view of it all. Few saw, but the mind has coping mechanisms. The same way the mind tries to mask the pain of a lost love or only drawing the happy moments from a person who passed on – the same is done to shielding the mental trauma and anguish by holding on to an entire scenario; locking it away and parsing it out in minute details if anything. Later it may trickle out in the worst of times. Some toss the words battle minded or a number of other cliches to mask what it really is. Mental trauma. The brain thinks it knows best even if it doesn’t feel like it to the owner of that mind.

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Chapter whatever (continued)

As promised, here’s my dump of the latest chapter.  It’s a continuation from writing I did before Nanowrimo started so it just starts.


The other band that took the cake with the men was a group named Pepper. Folks were so taken with that ensemble they even named a dog after the band. He was our mascot, and I’m sure everyone had something to say about about four-legged hero.


Pepper was one of the most unique group I ever got to here and they were a bunch of guys who sounded like they were having a great time with whatever they were doing, wherever they happened to be.


I’m sure it was Overthrill who knew them first since they had a bravado I knew spoke well to him. They were a new generation of surfing music even though they fell as a whole in that white boy rapper kind of category. It was pretty rough in the lyrics and a lot of the sound quality, but I just went with the flow since they were such a crowd pleaser. As many lyrics as each song had, the guys seemed to know them all.


From what I remember these guys were from the Kona island of Hawaii (or ha – va – ee as they seemed to pronounce it). It was sort of Eminem singing to a stack of Beach Boys albums. Not exactly, but somewhere in the ballpark. For a generation of music I wasn’t too thrilled with, these guys sure were catchy. Maybe it was from the rhythms or the fast pace or non violent rap style. Or just how rare it was to see my men having a fun time on base totally having an outer body experience from their troubles and any petty feelings from cramped with a bunch of people there was no choice to be apart from. The whole roomie syndrome where the luster always wears off. Instead, they can have whatever squabble hours earlier but then end up having a good old time word for word with the Pepper group. No complaints from the masses. A good thing.

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