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Some want to aid the cause by making a donation.  Others want to purchase novels or view works in progress.  Now all of those things are possible…

If you want to donate as payment for all the free short stories and novel previews I provide, I can enable your generosity with a link to do such a thing.  It is safe and secure since PayPal handles it all.  That way I don’t have any of your personal information, and you won’t have any of mine (though if you ask me for it, maybe I’ll share).

donate via PayPal.

Mesnard on LeanpubLeanpub is where my novels can usually be found.  The coolest thing about the site is the ability for me to publish my rough first version of the story.  What makes the site so special?  If you buy one of my books, you get free updates along the way.

If you buy a “draft zero” version of my novel, you will get all the subsequent drafts free.  On top of that, I am open to any feedback concerning those stories too.  Where else can you say what works (or doesn’t) and have a bit of influence towards the final result?  It’s like being a beta tester for a book.  There are samples available as well. See my Leanpub books here…


Thanks for checking everything out. I shall update the area periodically when new projects are available. My appreciation, and thank you for your support.

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