Monster Attack Anthology Available Now

Monster AttackThis is the cover of Monster Attack: Gruesome Tales.  It is the anthology where I my short story Affliction was accepted.  Not only is it available in the digital format, but a paperback is available via Amazon – and maybe some other places.

Honestly, my story is a bit more than a short.  It probably approaches a novella; since I lost count of words…oh, around the 8,000 mark.  To learn more about my contribution and the anthology availability, read on…

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New Story Written: Look Down

Look Down cover - Matt MesnardLook Down – short story

Instead of doing what I was supposed to be working on this month, I decided to mess around with writing a short story when a couple of different thoughts collided into my head.  Idea one was something to do with hair color, and idea two was a line I thought I heard from a song which got stuck in my head.  So I sat down and banged out this little story.

This is a story concerning a man who passes a woman on a sidewalk.  I can boil it down to a single sentence.  Turning to a musical analogy, Look Down is more of a guitar solo rather than a fully-formed song.  It’s a bit interesting; and I made a lackadaisical attempt to make it sound like a certain musical act.  I don’t feel like directly saying who, but I suddenly feel like I shouldn’t be playing marbles with a certain guy from their song collection.

Read the story now, and comment here or on the site about it if you wish.  It’s free!

Haunted Tales Anthology Available Now

This is the cover of the anthology Haunted Tales: stories from beyond the grave.  This is where my story The Haunted Hoagie can be found in print.  You kids and your digital readers can buy the virtual copy, but an actual physical book is available [at least] on Amazon.

My story is not as spine-tingling as the book’s title might lead you to believe…unless you are the type to throw food out a week before those dates printed on the packaging – then grip your socks it terror!

I decided to leave a whole slew of links; since everyone has their own purchasing preferences.  Keep reading…

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Main Character Spotted:

Main Character Spotted

Seen leaving…

Destination: Unknown

Of course to quote Anthony Kiedis, “Now that is a lie.”  If I let everyone know where she was, someone might want to go out and catch her…and then I’ll never be able to finish the book on my own recognizance.

For fun, I’ll test out the idea of letting you know where she’s been: also to prove I finally got to the “inciting incident” and its consequence, so to speak.  You can also check out the scene at that locale [while it lasts] by scrolling down or “hit[ting] the jump” as I like to say.

Spoilers ahead – be warned!

If you DON’T want to be spoiled, you have two options (both which are FREE by the way):

1)  Wait until (at least) July for me to start posting chapters on Figment.

2)  Check it out from the beginning on Authonomy.

If you enjoy anything you see or read, don’t forget that I am still trying to StayClassy – but I’m not the “hard sell” type.

Enough warnings!  Look on if ye dare

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New short story: Hero?

Even if my entry was a day past due [what I get for giving it a few days to breathe and getting absent-minded], I still had to post it.  At least I can use the excuse I was away at camp writing, instead of blaming my literary tardiness on gaming or books consisting of floundering stock certificates many faces.

My big problem was coming up with a title.  If you read the micro-short and make a name suggestion, I may rename it (and give you attribution/promotion of course).

Click the image, the earlier link, or this link to read.

Act Today!

For all of you who have aversions to dots in acronyms, you might not have known I was trying to pass along a national holiday.  Reading the banner above should give the gist.  For all who want to know just a bit more…

The day is April 12th to coincide with Beverly Cleary’s birthday.  The idea of D.E.A.R. originated in the book Ramona Quimby, Age 8.

If you want to truly Drop Everything And Read, all you have to do is click this link, which will take you to a free excerpt from one of the Ramona books.  What are you waiting for?  =)

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Finished a book: The Blues Brothers

The Blues Brothers by “Miami Mitch

[How acquired: borrowed – yeah, that’s what it was…]

I really was wracked with guilt in obtaining this book.  First of all, I never knew there was a novelization of one of my favorite movies of all time – which I argue is the best pound-for-pound movie ever made.  The only thing I thought ever released in print was Blues Brothers: Private; which I love to death, and own an original copy of (with the poster – which I hung up; couldn’t help it).

The novel is good, but of course differs highly from the actual movie.  There’s a lot of great humor, but it starts pretty drearily…which makes sense to gain sympathy for Jake and Elwood.  The down side is you can’t hear a musical number in a book, but there are a lot of songs mentioned which don’t appear in the movie.  I’ll read it again since it has great replay value [as the movie itself] – and I’ll jot down all the tunes to make a compilation disc.

A cool thing about the novelization is how much more the non-Blues members are fleshed out.  Instead of grabbing half of them in a deft swoop, most of the band is tracked down one-by-one; the final member not making it until close to the end.

A favorite backing member of mine has always been Donald “Duck” Dunn.

In the book, his straight job is a burglar alarm technician.  He also happens to be a bit of an electrical wizard.

Another great things is the explanation of what got Jake tossed into the clink before the movie started.  It was noble – from a certain view.  It would have made a great actual scene, but it wouldn’t have fit well into the movie’s flow.

If you can find it – grab and read it.  I’ll buy a legit copy and return mine to the place it came from…

For clarification sake, I would have bought the book if it was a buck.  I would have paid five or so for it even…to help support the cause.  It wasn’t for sale and I had to read it.  I donated a ton to this particular place, so I can’t say I did nothing for them.  Jake Papageorge would have understood: and he saw the light.