My Desktop: January 2013

Since I wanted a theoretical clean sweep, I decided to try to organize the iBook’s desktop and downloads folder – but before I did it, I decided to take a pic for a quick digital time capsule.  See?

January 2013 desktop

Yeah – I still need to change that wallpaper from December…though it’s so sad when Life Day ends.  Know what I mean?

Ask what you want about what you see.  I don’t think I have anything to hide.  Do I?  What could be a better conversation starter than letting someone openly spy on your computer screen?


Rate me Highly (or Lowly) Now!

My latest blog feature is a rating system for posts and pages.

Why now?  I wanted to “branch out” a while.  Writing is still the main focus here; and the “Road to Glory” feature is now a fixture; but an experimental expansion has been in the works.

As Jules Winnfield might ask, “Example.”

Many know I spend time on my heavily-modified PSP.  I thought a while about a monthly visual gaming feature.  I often play in cycles, and most titles fall outside the realm of popularity: especially since many games are imports or via emulation; which could keep things unique around here.

Going in another direction is a sports recap.  I played in various Yahoo Fantasy leagues more than a few years now, and this NFL season I started my own small league; emphasizing on luck and fun rather than aggression or hyper-competitiveness.  Yahoo added automated weekly recaps (which I found highly amusing) of head-to-head team match-ups; which I want to retroactively post.

[NoteIf any of you have a Yahoo account and want to get in on future action, let me know.  I still have a college bowl “pick ’em” league with open slots too at this moment.]

Incorporating other interests can showcase my other facets without perpetuating blogging tropes relying on personal dramatics or day-to-day struggles to keep things interesting.  My goal is to keep this place entertaining above all else.

Other past ideas were things like older album reviews or canceled television shows; but working on novels, scripts, or short stories seem a better way to spend my allocated writing time for now.

Many renovations got made to the blog this year, but I want much more: even if things seem at a standstill for now.

What else for the future?  I wanted more than just a sidebar and the About heading at the top, such as a contact or feedback area; offering an easier way for people to get in touch or ask questions.  One long-in-the-making addition has been a supporter section to thank followers; or paying time and mind to this blog.  A timeline or achievements section has personal appeal, but hinges more on my free time.

Some of the above will likely be incorporated into my 2013 resolutions.  On that note, a Road to Glory tab would be a great addition to help keep me accountable; since those monthly goals play part in a decade-long plan.

Hopefully the ratings addition proves a great way to see where to occupy my time when not writing; or even what to procrastinate with.

As always, comments (and now ratings) are welcome.

Chris Baty’s Ode to the Fifth

November, November, writers remember
The month of abandoning plots;
I see no reason why NaNoWriMo
Should ever be forgot

Lots Happening in my Head (positively)

Weirdness – via jessiisthehizz

The image represents the heading a tad.  Some literary flatlining has been going on. Not in the blocked writing fashion, but more as a recovery effort.  I suppose the blog has become collateral damage as a result…just as my failure to update my writing sites.

In the last thirty days (in no particular order) I was:

Quite a logjam of information!  I’ll write about it all, but it will happen more out of sequence than a Quentin Tarantino flick.  The winners will be those who subscribe to the blog: since they get notified of my posts…no matter what I set the date as.  All the rest will have to keep clicking and checking for anything above which caught interest.  I’ll link as I go, meaning I’ll keep this post at the top until late July, but some things may get lost in the shuffle.

I’m not trying to force anyone to subscribe, but there are perks: especially once I give the layout another renovation.  Hopefully the posts will all be up before camp starts again, but who knows.  I still plan on adding to the “cabin blog” we started before the June session.  Call it moonlighting…but I did make a couple posts very similar here as I had there.

More could be mentioned, but I’ll save it for one of the secretive posts.  Keep checking back; unless you’re a notified subscriber – since you’ll know the minute something is posted; no matter how heavy on the chronitons an entry happens to be.

Eclipsing Writing: Day Late and a Ring Short

ImageHere’s what I saw the other day: with the help of a welding mask and a not-expensive DV cam thing: in case I fried the lens by being dumb.

[It’s actually the “stalker cam” as I’ve been dubbing it; used to make the grainy images for current layout of this blog.  Who needs HD, right?]

A slight color shift was done to make more like our sun and not the original Kryptonian flare it was snapped looking like. Continue reading

Getting Popular?

Somehow I got a little attention.  I’m not certain how, but I’m not complaining.  I got a like and a follow all withing twenty-four hours.

This also marks my seventy-fifth “official” post according to WordPress; but don’t try to count it up on your own, since I do a lot of retro-blogging or “ninja posting” as I call it: altering a date to make up for my procrastination or continuity – depending the situation.

I’m in a good/procrastinating/grateful mood, so here’s who I met.

Flamedashes started following me.  Sms|DesiRe is his blog: described as “A site which can fulfill all your desire with fun”.  There is a LOT of posting going on over there and a lot of it is interesting.  Give a peek and maybe you’ll have a quick laugh at one of the musings.

Iodestruction liked a post: author of the blog Inanimate Object Destruction.  It’s pretty NSFW in the language sort of way, but it’s a fantastic blog if you like seeing items getting obliterated.

If anyone else wants to bravely like or follow me that ha a blog, I’ll try to get you back as well.

Weird Al Yankovic Super Bowl Halftime Show?

The National Football League, Nerds Everywhere: Weird Al Yankovic performs the Super Bowl XLVII Half Time ShowIt could happen!  Why not?

I saw this and figured it was too good NOT to post here.  This would be something to keep people glued to the seats.  Or make you Polka Your Eyes Out.

Learn more at the online petition site:

Or the Facebook petition:

Yes, I signed.  Do you really have a good reason not to?