Happy Mother’s Day 2016

Solos pt 2 by Ariel (as Orisoni)

The more I ponder it, the more I realize the moms of the Star Wars Galaxy have it pretty rough.  I respect and appreciate all the mothers toiling to raise their kids right; whether from Tatooine, Alderaan, Toledo, or Alhambra.

If it wasn’t for the moms of the world, I may not be posting anything…since I noticed May 2015 was the last time I made a post. A lot of time has passed by, and much ha happened to me. I am quite different now than a year ago, though I seek to improve myself with each passing year: but this is about moms, not me.

Biological; surrogate; adoptive; or spiritual. It is not what is in one’s DNA but in the person’s heart.

Lastly, it is not about the good times, but the day-to-day.  Mothers make the hardest choices and suffer the loudest breaks of the heart when doing what feels the most right, despite what the best answer is.

Leia/Ben confrontation: a mother's love

Leia/Ben confrontation: a mother's love

Leia/Ben confrontation: a mother's loveConfrontation by Injured Dreams


Happy Mother’s Day 2015

Anakin's vision of mom

This goes out to all the moms out there…

The ones who can be called…

…as well as the ones who can only manifest in a vision.

If you can dial your mother, feel lucky – and then make that call.  If you can visit her; make the call, and then surprise her by showing up.

Anakin once flew all the way from Naboo to Tatooine just to show his mom how much he cared.  And people call him a sith whiny bad guy.  If she’s less than a tank of gas away, go for it!

If you haven’t seen the original post, give it a look here…

Alderaanian Dreamin'

Tonight Isn’t Just All-Nano’s Eve…

It’s also when you wear that mask.  Hurry hurry…

Click the image — if you dare.

Moonlight Books You’ll Never Read

These books all look like great finds at yard sales – or more-worn versions of these could be found in a library discard pile.  Thankfully and shamefully, neither of these is an option.

By way of Figment:

“Unfortunately for all of us, it’s a collection of FICTIONAL fiction. Fake books that that master auteur Wes Anderson created for his new–in select theaters now!–movie Moonrise Kingdom.”

What does that mean?  James Cameron can call off the blue kitties dogs since that hued female on the far right won’t conflict with monies coming from any future trips to Pandora (the movie planet, not that awesome music service which I have a profile on).

According to the prophecy, Wes Anderson actually commissioned these covers to be made – but he wrote excerpts for each book.

Still want to read a little bit of these books?  Well here may be as close as you get.  Watch the video below and make it count.

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Happy (I)B-Day, Star Wars!

Star Wars, wow.  You’re how old now?  Oh yeah – the older you are, the older I am.  Nevermind.

A few people knew I had to write something today.  Especially since I did make reference to it on the “unofficial” Star Wars Day, as I deemed it.

Some wondered what amazing thing I could bring to the table which would blow the minds of fans, geeks, G-to-the-L haters, and even film or tech aficionados.  I know the last thing(s) to blow me away were the “home movies” inside an Academy Award-winning commune the dirty couches, poor lighting, and plethrora of facial hair which went on to become the ILM we all know and love [or as I would say, they put the ILM in film™].  For those who never saw this footage, here’s some love.

Star Wars has a lot of names, abbreviations, and in-the-know jargon.  Today I’m talking about SW:ANH, I mean A New Hope – er, episode IV, um… 4 four.  Old school 1977 Star Wars (which I shall further call “Star Wars” to ease confusion).

I’m not going to call myself a hater, a purist, a convert.  I loved Star Wars as a whole and I still do.  I choose what I like and often my opinion can change.  Let’s set out to have an open mind – possibly unlearning, and rethinking spoon(s).

People have been complaining about Star Wars being changed and different.  Sure you have a laserdisc copy which is this and that, or you have this or that remix and you know what the original was.  Do you?  What if I was too tell you there there is another.  One which actually gets hunted down by the real-life version of Emo Anakin Vader’s posse of Force-user extinguishers?  It’s out there.  And its initials are IB.  Still curious?  Keep reading…

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Licensed to 3: Yauch Concluded

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part 1, part 2

When I was a kid and the Beastie Boys first got play for their music video, I had a hard time figuring out what the word Ill was, but I did know what a Roman Numeral three looked like. So I often wondered if these Brooklyn guys really had two other records out there and people were just saying Ill because they didn’t know. What could I say? I was a goofy kid.

Before I go on, Ch-Check THIS out. Neal Brennan (now know as awesome in my book) knows the pain we’re feeling. Co-creator of Chapelle’s Show, he unleashed an appearance of the Bea-stie-Boys LIVE outdoors in 2004 – never seen until now. Already erased by Viacom at least once, it’s back! I’ll make a dupe of this just to make sure it’ll be harder to kill than a certain Holiday Special. Hurry and watch the clip below – and get more blown away since I won’t say what song it is. [I’d say to watch out for language, but even work should let you blast this. You’re mourning, yo!]

This post was intended as a conglomerate of links and images. Since I came across some great articles and stories which I mostly hid in the other two posts, I figured why not make this subject a trilogy and make it a hodgepodge of links and images amongst additional material. To tease a taste, here’s someone’s tribute to MCA/Nathan Wind – delivering pizza dressed as Cochese.

New York officially mourns the death of Adam Yauch.  Don’t believe me?  Here’s the document for proof, or watch the video below. Continue reading