Chris Baty’s Ode to the Fifth

November, November, writers remember
The month of abandoning plots;
I see no reason why NaNoWriMo
Should ever be forgot


Tonight Isn’t Just All-Nano’s Eve…

It’s also when you wear that mask.  Hurry hurry…

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Licensed to 3: Yauch Concluded

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part 1, part 2

When I was a kid and the Beastie Boys first got play for their music video, I had a hard time figuring out what the word Ill was, but I did know what a Roman Numeral three looked like. So I often wondered if these Brooklyn guys really had two other records out there and people were just saying Ill because they didn’t know. What could I say? I was a goofy kid.

Before I go on, Ch-Check THIS out. Neal Brennan (now know as awesome in my book) knows the pain we’re feeling. Co-creator of Chapelle’s Show, he unleashed an appearance of the Bea-stie-Boys LIVE outdoors in 2004 – never seen until now. Already erased by Viacom at least once, it’s back! I’ll make a dupe of this just to make sure it’ll be harder to kill than a certain Holiday Special. Hurry and watch the clip below – and get more blown away since I won’t say what song it is. [I’d say to watch out for language, but even work should let you blast this. You’re mourning, yo!]

This post was intended as a conglomerate of links and images. Since I came across some great articles and stories which I mostly hid in the other two posts, I figured why not make this subject a trilogy and make it a hodgepodge of links and images amongst additional material. To tease a taste, here’s someone’s tribute to MCA/Nathan Wind – delivering pizza dressed as Cochese.

New York officially mourns the death of Adam Yauch.  Don’t believe me?  Here’s the document for proof, or watch the video below. Continue reading

Yauch Loss Committee Part Two

Instead of jumping on the “R.I.P. to the celebrity” bandwagon, “top ten” train, or writing a straight article, I hoped to give some of my own thoughts and memories intercut with glimpses or additions to what’s already been written about the man I never knew was Nathanial Hörnblowér {I assumed it was a name for the whole band collaborating or Spike Jonze – and can you blame me?}.  Even if you skim this one…make sure to check the very last video.

Getting carried away as usual, I did the smart thing and separated the meat from the milk – the reminiscing from the eye candy (best I could). Since it took so long to get the first part off, I hope this still seems vaguely unique and current: though I feel mourning or reminiscing doesn’t have an expiration date.

If I had to peg a favorite Beastie live television performance, only one comes to mind. The MTV appearance with the band wearing suits and getting way into it was cool – as the old knocking stuff over and prankster days also had great examples; when they assumed everyone was in on the joke (Weird Al had a big presence at the time, so I knew what a good parody was.  Sorry, fratboys). Continue reading

Happy Star Wars Day!

Punch it, Chewie!

Many not “in on the joke” might question this post.  Especially people like me who are Star Wars OrThodox [*ahem* Original Trilogy, grammar police] and celebrate the actual Star Wars Day.  But why pass up a totally cromulent occasion to post something SW; even if it’s on the eve of free comic book day.

Enjoy the day.  Catch a cool fanfilm – or Episode IV of course.  I do have a post about A New Hope…  But that will wait for a less rushed time.  Epic can’t be rushed.

“May the Fourth be with you” – as is said today.

One day I’d like to open a franchise for…

Los Pollor Hermanos - courtesy of Jon Defreest

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If you want some of the best character development, cinematography, or music on basic cable…accept no substitutions.  Perhaps the only show/season of 2011 I got to follow all the way through.

The image was created by Jon Defreest.  Some of his art focuses on fake products; such as tv shows.  Give a peek here:

Getting Popular?

Somehow I got a little attention.  I’m not certain how, but I’m not complaining.  I got a like and a follow all withing twenty-four hours.

This also marks my seventy-fifth “official” post according to WordPress; but don’t try to count it up on your own, since I do a lot of retro-blogging or “ninja posting” as I call it: altering a date to make up for my procrastination or continuity – depending the situation.

I’m in a good/procrastinating/grateful mood, so here’s who I met.

Flamedashes started following me.  Sms|DesiRe is his blog: described as “A site which can fulfill all your desire with fun”.  There is a LOT of posting going on over there and a lot of it is interesting.  Give a peek and maybe you’ll have a quick laugh at one of the musings.

Iodestruction liked a post: author of the blog Inanimate Object Destruction.  It’s pretty NSFW in the language sort of way, but it’s a fantastic blog if you like seeing items getting obliterated.

If anyone else wants to bravely like or follow me that ha a blog, I’ll try to get you back as well.