Happy Mother’s Day 2015

Anakin's vision of mom

This goes out to all the moms out there…

The ones who can be called…

…as well as the ones who can only manifest in a vision.

If you can dial your mother, feel lucky – and then make that call.  If you can visit her; make the call, and then surprise her by showing up.

Anakin once flew all the way from Naboo to Tatooine just to show his mom how much he cared.  And people call him a sith whiny bad guy.  If she’s less than a tank of gas away, go for it!

If you haven’t seen the original post, give it a look here…

Alderaanian Dreamin'


Remember, Remember

Nanowrimo 2013: press start

Remember, remember, to write in November
Abandon your self-doubt or plot;
Restrain the inner-editor until
Thousand words have been caught

My Gaming: December 2012

gaming Dec2012

The plan was to make a tease sort of post; but things didn’t go off as I hoped.  In fact, much of this concept didn’t go off as expected…but I hope it will be a recurring segment.

Since I spend a lot of time talking about (or actually playing) my PSP, I thought this year I’d use my modified handheld to not only showcase some of the silly games I play, but also prove there is plenty of reason not to jump to the “PSV” quite yet (even though the PSVita will have a theoretic life of at least two more years, but I digress…).

With emulators and homebrew, all sorts of things can still be accomplished on a PSP Slim [2k of 3k] such as mine: despite Plagueis the Wise and Palp the Craggy corroborating my firmware being “unnatural” in a word.

Originally I hoped to have a slideshow each month, but flash doesn’t work here.  Then I hoped to do a gallery here, but things weren’t working as I hoped.  Then I planned to make two galleries: one showing my screenshots for that month, and another linking to each game (for deeper investigation) – but ImageShack doesn’t let one image exist in two albums.

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When is a tree more than a tree?

Charlie Brownja!
When the tree’s being held in esteem by wide receiver Brandon Marshall (#15, Bears) of course.  With a Charlie Brown Christmas tree resting on the podium, here’s some of what he said:

Right now, metaphorically, our season looks like this tree right now where we’re standing. Barren. Ugly. But there’s still hope. As a kid, it doesn’t matter how your Christmas tree looks. You’re still waiting for Christmas Day. You still have hopes and dreams that Santa’s going to bring you those things you ask for. It’s always a possibility.

Where we stand today, our goal is to win the NFC championship, beat the Green Bay Packers, win the Super Bowl. All of that still can be under this Christmas tree. Whenever you’re down, you’ve got to try to create some type of balance, so this is a perfect little thing for me to keep me going.


Now that’s one of the top five Christmas stories out there.
If awesome speeches were a category in my fantasy league, someone would have 50 points before anyone took the field this week!


To read a better recap and see a video too, read the article from Larry Brown Sports here.

Tonight Isn’t Just All-Nano’s Eve…

It’s also when you wear that mask.  Hurry hurry…

Click the image — if you dare.

Happy Fathers Day 2012

To qualify, this goes out to [my friends and] all of those who are really taking care of the kids (in the Chris Rock implied sense), and all the positive role models out there who turned out to be male.

The above track is a tad NSFW, and really depends on your point of view…but I say give it a spin.  The sentiments should still resonate Blue true.  In the above context, happy fathers day.

Give it a like if you agree.  And if you don’t, comment negatively.  [Ordell says that rhymes.]

Happy Mother’s Day 2012

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!  In a galaxy full of empty promises, I hope mine rings close-enough-to-true by saying I’ll do my best to cause less chaos than the guy above.

In addition to echoing The Pietà, I like how this image “returns the favor” so to speak; when Anakin last spoke with his mom.  Her coming back to offer comfort while he’s stranded on Mustafar speaks volumes – especially considering the depths this boy from Tatooine plummeted by this point.  That goes to show why so many cards get purchased around this time in May.

Don’t forget to pause a bit to think of at least one time mom was there for you – especially a time when it seemed nobody else was.

I came across this image when seeking out some Star Wars propoganda poster art.  Joe Corroney is a talented artist; doing work for a variety of licenses including Doctor Who; Marvel; Star Trek; 24; True Blood.  See lots more here.

Click the image above or here if you want the full color version.  For the larger black and white sketch, click here.  Added note: the original art for the color version is available for $600.  How’s that for a Mother’s Day card?