This started as a place to post Nanowrimo updates and house stories, but keeps evolving.  Now it’s what the reader makes of it, and feedback steers the direction of its evolution.

If  something interests you — or if you hope to see something of a different format or genre, contact me or leave a comment somewhere.

As far as Nanowrimo, I have been participating in it since 2005: with all but one stab at it being a “win” as defined by the Nano criteria.  Though I didn’t feel as comfortable with novels (or prose in general) as I did with screenwriting, I have been finding and exaggerating the positive side of a less technical or rigid structure.  At this point, none of my Nano stories made it to an official second draft; or as I say, they are still at the “quantity over quality” stage .

One has been finished – with an incredibly long title.  It’s a bit abstract; in a voyeuristic format, dealing with an average man and his life story.  Thankfully, people are [still] pushing for me to finish my 2008 (and 2010) attempt; Eugene’s Genetics.  Hopefully it’s around three-quarters finished…which might peg it at 100k words when all is said and done.  At this moment, my aim is to complete my 2011 Nano attempt in June – during my very first “Camp Nanowrimo” attempt.

Add a comment; or please contact me (with the form below) if you are interested in writing, the blog, …or anything for that matter.  Even if my answer isn’t what you’re looking for, maybe it can help you get in the right direction.

Final note: I’m still working on a way to reward all the people clicking the “like” button or following my blog (perhaps this summer).  I don’t forget the people who support or appreciate anything on here.


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