Another Game on my Radar…

Sunset game screenshot

There’s a new game being talked about and it really cleans house.  Literally.  It’s called Sunset; brought to you by Belgium-based developer Tale of Tales.

Explosions; unrest in the streets; the verge of anarchy.  And where are you?  Inside an opulent dwelling…where your mission is to keep the domicile tidy.

Would I play this?  You bet!  I’d follow all the directions on the sticky notes.

Check out this trailer and hit the jump to learn a tad more about all this seemingly-mundane gameplay (which I would rather downplay because it’s just the way I am).

Still need to know more?  The idea of the game is you are a housekeeper during some tumultuous times in the place you live.  Bit by bit, you discover there may be a connection between your boss and the events transpiring outside.

Learn more by checking out more from the game developer, or read one person’s take who played a tad via the site Kotaku.

Do you like to support independent game developers?  Here’s your chance.  This is on sale cheaper than most “as seen on TV” items for a limited time if you pre-order.

To be honest, I would lay down some dough on many of their games.  Most seem offbeat enough to be up my alley.  If you do contact the publisher, let them know I sent you.  Maybe I’ll get a preview or something?  My MacBook is just fast enough to give it a spin.


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