Monster Attack Anthology Available Now

Monster AttackThis is the cover of Monster Attack: Gruesome Tales.  It is the anthology where I my short story Affliction was accepted.  Not only is it available in the digital format, but a paperback is available via Amazon – and maybe some other places.

Honestly, my story is a bit more than a short.  It probably approaches a novella; since I lost count of words…oh, around the 8,000 mark.  To learn more about my contribution and the anthology availability, read on…

Affliction deals with a nurse witnessing something strange happening at her place of work – and decides to get out while the getting is good.  Did she make the right call?  That’s what folks have to find out from reading.  It’s fundamental, you know.

So where can you find this anthology?  Here are some links:

If you have an account with any of the above links, support me by commenting there – whether you want a copy or not.  You can also contact Samie Sands if you want her to include me in any future anthologies.  If you post anywhere above about Monster Attack, be sure to mention me by name!

As always, thanks for all the past (and hopefully future) support.



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