Am I Supposed to be Writing..?

girl and protector doodle

Nanowrimo 2014 will be engulfing me soon enough.  I haven’t set eyes on my notes since December of 2013 but I have faith the scribblings are in one of the two writing boxes I have at hand.

For people wondering what I’ll write…the image above is a vague idea.  If anyone read my book from last year and wanted more; I’m still quite inclined work on the continuation.  I won’t call it a sequel, but I still look at the endeavor as a complete book.

The image came about when I was lightly dared to draw in unison with another person.  The sketch was done on a small sheet of notebook paper.  I gave it a little pizazz via some image manipulation.   Here’s what it started as…

doodle original - girl and protector

This is a hopeful sign I am easing back into the blog.  Like the Pere Ubu track; Something’s gotta give…


3 comments on “Am I Supposed to be Writing..?

  1. writelikeaturtle says:

    Love the drawing …. My imagination see a little girl being engulfed by a giant shadow (actually I wanted to say a snowman). Congratulations with your book, I must read.

    • Mesnard says:

      Thanks for liking my doodle so much. Maybe I’ll have to do another just because you commented. I can try to dash something off if you tell me a little about your story also.

      I usually post my latest chapter as the excerpt during Nano…so you can get free peeks during any of your November down time. My novel from last year (The Star in the Cellar) is available online (though still in need of editing) here:

      • writelikeaturtle says:

        OH WOW that’s awesome, thanks… my story is about a radio host, he goes into a witness protection program (transition to the life of a cowboy) and falls in love the hit-man, who happens to be a woman. I posted a synopsis on my blog. Your art would be so appreciated!

        Thanks for the link to your story— will be my inspiration to continue on this journey!

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