Why so ancient, 2014?


Now I had to go and rune it all?  It’s a new year, but plenty of unfinished blogging business has stockpiled in my life and on my computer.  I started this blog to chronicle my writing success (or failure), and then it branched out to showcase some of my diversions.

Instead of kicking right into new business, I decided to post all the stuff I haven’t from 2013.  A blog is assumed to be more topical, but this month I plan to use it as more of a look back – or salute to procrastination.

My Road to Glory yearly resolution feature will still continue, but I will first catch up on some other things such as desktop pics; Nanowrimo recaps; and even the fizzled finale of fantasy football.  Stay tuned.

[If there is something I should drop or continue pursuing on the blog, let me know…either via comments or mailing me.  Thanks again for all the followers and supporters amassed thus far.]



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