Fantasy Football 2013: Half Measure recap

This is me being laughed out of the league.  Not really, but it may as well be.  I did perform rather abysmally…so maybe I had it coming.

By the way…  Has anyone been enjoying reading my fantasy football foibles this year?  If you liked it, please comment.  If you thought it brought my blog to a grinding halt, please also tell me.  I was afraid of boring everyone with only talking about Nano or my writing endeavors a couple years back.  Now I’m afraid of boring folks with my attempt to have a facade concerning an abundance of testosterone in my system.

Since I don’t know if I was amusing or boring anyone, I may as well post an abundance of info (and an extra couple images) below.  Ready?

League: All Over the Field VI

Team: Half Measure

This league held a live draft.  I always feel like I would do better with autopicking – having the computer choose players rather than doing it myself, but I prefer virtually being there…not so much to have a competitive edge; but more to make quips and see who is going to bemoan any of my choices.  In all fairness, the riffraff has been expunged over the years…which leads to people doing less trash talking and more questioning the commissioner regarding my level of seriousness.  I do my best to give a good effort – but I still don’t really know what I’m doing.

Yahoo has an automated draft report; and I think there is enough hilarity to post it: hindsight being 20/20 and so forth.  All of what was generated was weeks ahead of the first week of the football season.

Buoyed by Some Early-Round Steals, Half Measure Looks to Have a Breakthrough Campaign

Draft Grade: B

A mediocre draft slot can often result in a mediocre draft performance. Picking 12th overall, Half Measure is projected to land in eighth place in All Over The Field VI League with a record of 5-8-0 (1,778 points). Half Measure waited until the seventh round to grab their first RB, scooping up Shonn Greene with the 108th overall pick. They ended up with the lowest-scoring pair of WRs in the league, as they added Anquan Boldin and Percy Harvin.

The Season Ahead

While Week 8 has the most players on bye for Half Measure (6), Week 5 is actually projected to have the team’s highest amount of idle fantasy points. From the perspective of opponents’ projected points, they have one of the easiest slates in All Over The Field VI League. In addition to having the second-easiest overall schedule, Half Measure also has the second-easiest first four games of the season. Half Measure has a well-balanced schedule this season, avoiding prolonged stretches against either the projected top or bottom teams in the league.

Draft Notes

  • Stoutest Slot: Half Measure should be in good shape with three position groups projected to be better-than-average. K looks to be the strongest among them, beating the average projection for the position by 17.0%.
  • Waiver Wire Time: Week 5 looks to be a tough one for Half Measure as both QBs they selected will be on bye that week (Robert Griffin III and Josh Freeman).
  • On Autopilot: Picking starting RBs should be an academic exercise most weeks for Half Measure, as there’s a healthy projected points difference between their third-ranked (Mark Ingram) and fourth-ranked (Joe McKnight) RBs.
  • Biggest Steal: Half Measure may have found a steal in the 13th round, grabbing Marcus Thigpen (204th overall pick vs. ADP of 109.6).
  • Don’t Rock the Boat: Half Measure was focused on a steady squad, grabbing 10 consistent players out of 24 picks.
  • The Bargain Whisperer: Half Measure was hunting for deals throughout the draft, snapping up four steals in the first 14 rounds (including Marcus Thigpen, Justin Blackmon, and Devin Hester).

Top Picks

Blair Walsh1st Round (12th Pick)
Biggest Reach: Half Measure went out on a limb with their first-round pick. Across all Yahoo! leagues, Blair Walsh has an ADP of 86.8, but Half Measure grabbed him at pick No. 12.
Seattle Defense2nd Round (21st Pick)
According to projections, Seattle was the worst value pick of the round; however, estimates still show him putting up 20.3% more points than the average player at that position.
J.J. Watt3rd Round (44th Pick)
J.J. Watt was the best value pick of the round, projected to score 195.7% more points than the average player at that position.
R. Griffin III4th Round (53rd Pick)
Dual-Threat Dynamo: Robert Griffin III can deliver wins with his arm and his legs. With 587 projected rushing yards, he ranks fourth among QBs in that category.
Anquan Boldin5th Round (76th Pick)
Anquan Boldin may not justify his 76th overall draft pick if projections hold true. Currently, he is estimated to fall outside the NFL’s top 10 in both yards (35th with 904) and TDs (45th with 5.1).

Calling an Audible

While Half Measure is projected to have three below-average positions, WR is clearly their weakest unit (26.0% below the league average at that position).

Due to the depth of this league, there aren’t good options *at this time* to help improve your team from the players that went undrafted.

*end scene*

Six other teams were graded lower than me.  I was the lowest B – however, there were some graded a B- or C.  Nobody received lower than a C.  Methinks Yahoo was feeling lenient that day; especially when evaluating me.

How did things end up?

6-7-0  10th Place (of 16 teams)

1,757.50  Total Points

135.19  Points/Week

Was there anything I could celebrate about on that league?  Sure.  I lost in the actual matches, but I won both of the league’s side games: pick’em and medals.  One is guessing which fantasy team will win in the weekly bouts.  The other is unlocking the most accolades in the league.  It’s all I have going for me here, so I may as well cling to it.  🙂

Don’t forget to voice your opinion – if you liked the football stuff; or what can be done to improve this.  I wanted to do a lot of blog experimentation in 2013…but I don’t know if I’m gaining or losing interest by moving from the writing (and resolution) tangents.


2 comments on “Fantasy Football 2013: Half Measure recap

  1. As for Yahoo’s auto-generated story, it gave several of us an A…I was just happy to see your best showing in several years!

  2. We always loved your posts this year…Many would tell me verbally that it was a really good read every time you posted something 🙂 You’re never lacking in entertainment value in that league!!!!

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