Fantasy Football 2013: Flippy Flop recap

What could he possibly be saying?  “Farewell to Fantasy Football.”  More likely, “So long, Stinktown!”  That proverbial burg of bad odor being me.

To reiterate before getting to the meat, Has anyone been reading (or even liking) these fantasy football recaps?  Please comment, either way.  So now onto the really disappointing show.  Especially if you consciously skip these every time.

League: Football Flip

Team: Flippy Flop

Full disclosure: this is the league I am commissioner of.  I’m the person to complain to.  I am also the one to talk to if you want to join.  [Want to join?  Let me know!]

Instead of this league holding a live draft, I do my best to even things.  Hence the name, I have a “flop” so to speak: where the player rosters are automatically generated for each team.  It changes things from a live draft to Christmas morning — be the first one to rush down and see what awaits.

The other twist to this league is the fact only three moves can be made each week – and no trades are allowed.  People can drop and add players, but not trade with another team.  It was a way to help ensure more fairness; so everyone can get a chance.

I didn’t have automated draft notes.  Only my record; which was quite poor, if you didn’t know by now.  I was in last place for what seemed like a majority or weeks: only pulling myself up a single notch after the last match.

3-12-0  7th Place (of 8 teams)

2,247.00  Total Points

149.80  Points/Week

Of the pick’em and medal side games, I only got tops in one.  I tied in medal count – to the person who beat me in picks.  Next year I suppose.  Right?


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