Fantasy Football 2013: week 13


If the pic doesn’t depict it (and I will not explain what’s really happening in the context of that screenshot), I did not have a good week; at least when it came to my leagues.  I was in a delirium as well as a stupor for the most part this weekend: which I can thank and blame on being the end of the month…  Not just because of Thanksgiving, but the close of the Nanowrimo 2013 season – which shall be adequately covered in a separate post.

The lowest football moment was this week marking the end to my run on the All Over the Field VI league.  The playoffs will start next week, and I will not be a part.

Here’s what the commissioner of the league said as we entered week 13:

Twisted Sister (#7) vs. Half Measure (#10): The defending champ, guaranteed to have a winning record, is in great position because of overall season points (7th overall) even with a loss to make it; however, Half Measure, with a win, could break in to the top 8 through tie-breakers, only 54 points behind Twisted Sister on the season thus far…Half Measure has not made a playoff since 2010, finishing 16th each of the last two years…

I ended up in tenth place (of 16).  The top eight ascended to playoffs.  Here’s what the commish said regarding my elimination:

For a guy who took Blair Walsh in the first round, 6-7 is NOT a bad record!!!!!

Congratulations to Twisted Sister for defeating me; snapping my three-game winning streak, and making it to the playoffs.

In other news, I lost in the other league as well.  On the bright side, I wrote a whole novel [actually calling it a finished first draft] in November.  Hey now!

Twisted Sister Gets Win Against Half Measure

VGPA Lions Gets Win over Flippy Flop, Undefeated in the Series

(details below)

[For the record, my teams are Half Measure and Flippy Flop.]

Twisted Sister Gets Win Against Half Measure

Twisted Sister (8-5) 196.95

Half Measure (6-7) 149.75

Twisted Sister beat Half Measure 196.95 – 149.75 and amassed the seventh-highest point total this season. With the win, Twisted Sister clinches a spot in the playoffs. Both teams played very well but Twisted Sister scored 32.2% more than a projected 148.96 points to get the win. The margin could have been bigger, Twisted Sister had a starter score zero points (Nate Burleson). Twisted Sister (8-5, 1,858.30 points) remains in seventh place while Half Measure (6-7, 1,757.50 points) stays in 10th place.

Missed Opportunities by Half Measure

  • The RBs on Half Measure let them down, getting outgunned by the RBs on Twisted Sister 39.90 – 6.00.
  • The 2.20 points scored by Mark Ingram fell short of his 5.36-point projection, the third straight game where that has happened.
  • Even though Half Measure lost, only 6 of their 12 starters scored less than their projected points.
  • The 3.80 points scored by Chris Ogbonnaya was just 41.9% of his 9.06-point projection.

Game Notes

  • In the loss, Adam Vinatieri had the highest score of any K in the league this season with 30.00 points.
  • In the loss, Half Measure had their highest losing score of the season with 149.75 points.
  • Half Measure topped their point expectations for the fourth week in a row. They have now overperformed versus projections for the ninth time.
  • Half Measure had their three-game win streak snapped in the loss.
  • Anquan Boldin scored 11.60 points against a projected 7.48 in the loss and has now beaten his projection in three straight games.

VGPA Lions Gets Win over Flippy Flop, Undefeated in the Series

VGPA Lions (9-4) 183.75

Flippy Flop (3-10) 147.10

VGPA Lions beat Flippy Flop 183.75 – 147.10 to remain undefeated against them in two matchups. They also earned a playoff berth in the process. Flippy Flop isn’t an easy win for VGPA Lions, who has an 18.40-point average margin of victory against them. It’s a lot smaller than their 44.94-point average margin of victory on the season (first in the league). This week, the Carolina Panthers Defense was the difference, garnering 41.60 points. It was even more than the 29.30 points Adrian Peterson got the last time these teams played. Both teams left points off the scoreboard as VGPA Lions had one starter turn in zero points and Flippy Flop had two. VGPA Lions is averaging 169.43 points against Flippy Flop and beat them 155.10 – 154.95 in Week 4.

Missed Opportunities by Flippy Flop

  • Wes Welker has now failed to reach his projection for four straight games. This week he scored 4.35 points versus a projected 9.88.
  • The 5.00 points scored by Devin McCourty fell short of his 9.51-point projection, the third straight game where that has happened.
  • T.Y. Hilton has scored below his projection in three straight games after scoring 5.10 points against a projected 8.56 this week.
  • With 2.00 points against a projected 3.40, Antonio Smith did not meet his projection for the fourth straight game.
  • 2 of the 18 starters scored zero points for Flippy Flop.

Game Notes

  • Flippy Flop was last in the league in scoring for the fourth time this season.
  • VGPA Lions had two starters score more points than the highest-scoring starter for Flippy Flop.
  • Although VGPA Lions won, it was no thanks to Tamba Hali, who scored 2.00 points and has now scored below his projection in three straight weeks.
  • The loss was a familiar refrain for Flippy Flop, as they have now dropped three in a row.

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