My Desktop: October 2013 (thanks, V.G. & co.!)

Screen shot 2013-10-01(no spoilers – whether warranted or not – I promise!)

September was a busy month for a number of reasons.  A few know a greater part of the story, but some of the files can offer hints or insight.  Next month it should [hopefully] look a tad bit leaner as far as desktop clutter is concerned.

This month I’m changing things up and honoring one of the most creative teams in the business up until the evening of the twenty-ninth of September: when the last episode of Breaking Bad aired.

My desktop (for the moment) will reflect my appreciation.  It’s a serene moment which will look pretty to the uninformed viewer; but have another layer or two for the deeper fan…such as myself.

Kudos go out to Vince Gilligan (and his esteemed team of six others in the writers room), David Porter, Michael Slovis, and all the others who helped bring each and every episode to the public’s eye: AMC, all the post folks, production folks, and MrABQ too.

And now to uphold my “no spoiler” promise, here’s a video below which will in no way affect anyone who hasn’t started watching the series yet.  I could say this is the very worst moment in the show’s history, but…I cannot call anything an awful part of the series.  If anyone DOES hate it, don’t let it detract from any of the hype.

Respect the chemistry.


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