Fantasy Football 2013: week 4


I won and I lost.  The victory caused the unseating of an undefeated team.  My defeat cemented my dead-last position in my own league.

[For the record, my teams are Half Measure and Flippy Flop.]


Half Measure Beats 49ers

Half Measure (2-2) 159.05

49ers (3-1) 114.30

Half Measure took down 49ers 159.05 – 114.30, led by the Tennessee Titans Defense, who recorded the second-highest player score of the week with 52.00 points. Half Measure piled up 32.9% more points than projected (119.68). 49ers just fell short of hitting their projections and got 91.7% of their projected 124.66 points. 49ers was done in by a substantial drop in scoring from last week’s 157.55 – 141.30 win against The Braillers. Both sides missed scoring opportunities as Half Measure had one starter turn in zero points and 49ers also had one. Half Measure (2-2, 585.40 points) remains in 10th place and 49ers (3-1, 602.55 points) stays in second place.


Smooth Moves by Half Measure

  • With 52.00 points, the Tennessee Titans Defense ranked second in the league in scoring this week and had the second-highest score of any player on Half Measure this season.
  • Took the Seattle Seahawks Defense out of the starting lineup, which scored 40.00 points on the bench, fewer than the starting DEF.
  • With 17.00 points against a projected 11.61, Blair Walsh had his highest output of the season and has now overachieved in three straight games.
  • Devin Hester scored 21.40 points to beat his projected point total by 219.9%, which led the matchup.
  • With 12.50 points, Marcus Thigpen had his highest output of the season and beat his projected point total by a season-high 66.9%.

Game Notes

  • Robert Quinn scored 4.00 points against a projected 3.04 in the loss and has now beaten his projection in every game this season.
  • 49ers saw their three-game win streak come to an end.
  • The RBs on Half Measure collectively had their best week of the season with 12.50 points.
  • The margin of victory of 44.75 points was the third-highest margin in the league this week.
  • Half Measure overachieved and improves to 2-0 when doing so, while 49ers fell short of their projection. They are now 0-1 when scoring less than expected.
  • Half Measure won without much help from Robert Griffin III, who had season-lows in both points scored and in scoring only 75.6% of his projected point total.


VGPA Lions Beats Flippy Flop, Jumps to League’s Pole Position

V.G.P.A. LIONS(3-1) 155.10

Flippy Flop(0-4) 144.95

V.G.P.A. LIONS (3-1, 708.75 points) takes over the top spot in the league after beating Flippy Flop (eighth place, 0-4, 520.65 points) 155.10 – 144.95. Adrian Peterson led V.G.P.A. LIONS with 29.30 points while the Seattle Seahawks Defense scored 23.60. Flippy Flop is watching the season slip away, and doesn’t have a win to speak of yet. Flippy Flop was led by Drew Brees with 29.45 points and Tom Brady who scored 19.90. If Flippy Flop didn’t have three starters put up goose eggs, it could have gone the other way.


Missed Opportunities by Flippy Flop

  • Picked up Justin Houston, who scored 2.00 points against his projected 7.24.
  • Trent Richardson scored 13.70 points against a projected 18.75 and has now underachieved in every game this season.
  • Got beat by V.G.P.A. LIONS even though they had their lowest-scoring week of the season.
  • Phil Dawson has now failed to reach his projection for three straight games. This week he scored 1.00 point versus a projected 6.38.
  • Flippy Flop was faced with 3 starters coming up empty in points.

Game Notes

  • It was a tough loss for Flippy Flop, which put up the 10th-biggest score for a losing team in the league this season.
  • Flippy Flop has underachieved every week this season, scoring 144.95 points against a projected 169.10 this week.
  • With a combined 49.35 points from their QBs, Flippy Flop got their highest combined scoring output from the QB position this season.
  • This is the second week this season that V.G.P.A. LIONS has been in first place.

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