I’m Published (on Leanpub) part 2

Geenie first_proof

Number two of three novels in the have been [digitally] published now.

The first one was my unfinished, appropriate-for-all-ages story which I was working on for a couple of years.

This one?  It does have some similarities; such as being a Nano project in progress for years now.  It’s also unfinished, and has a female as a central figure…as Kindergarten Dropout.

Is there any difference?  The characters are adult, and so would the rating be.  At least a PG-13 rating if a movie…pushing for an R.  The story takes places in more than one state – and even out of the country in parts.

Plenty of intrigue, violence, mystery, death; and even some romance (what I keep getting told is in the story at least).

Of my paltry fanbase, this novel was read and commented on the most.  It also seems the one people most want to see completed.

Curious yet?  Take a look for yourself.  Free samples (as usual); of course.


2 comments on “I’m Published (on Leanpub) part 2

  1. Brad Werner says:

    Curious, yes!
    And congratulations. How does it feel to have this published now?
    Should I buy and read the first one first? Are they a series, or just two totally separate stories?

    • Mesnard says:

      I feel like I made a mistake publishing my Nano-fueled first drafts, but I feel it’s also a bold thing to do in order to get an audience.

      All of the stuff on my profile are different projects with different tones to them. Check out all the free stuff you can…then buy whatever you feel is worthy. Each project has links to where you can find free chapters (or click the sample link on the site).

      Thanks for commenting. I appreciate the support!

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