My Gaming: December 2012

gaming Dec2012

The plan was to make a tease sort of post; but things didn’t go off as I hoped.  In fact, much of this concept didn’t go off as expected…but I hope it will be a recurring segment.

Since I spend a lot of time talking about (or actually playing) my PSP, I thought this year I’d use my modified handheld to not only showcase some of the silly games I play, but also prove there is plenty of reason not to jump to the “PSV” quite yet (even though the PSVita will have a theoretic life of at least two more years, but I digress…).

With emulators and homebrew, all sorts of things can still be accomplished on a PSP Slim [2k of 3k] such as mine: despite Plagueis the Wise and Palp the Craggy corroborating my firmware being “unnatural” in a word.

Originally I hoped to have a slideshow each month, but flash doesn’t work here.  Then I hoped to do a gallery here, but things weren’t working as I hoped.  Then I planned to make two galleries: one showing my screenshots for that month, and another linking to each game (for deeper investigation) – but ImageShack doesn’t let one image exist in two albums.

Hit the jump to figure out the solution…

My plan is to have a single screenshot for each game; linking to an album for that game – and most likely have some sort of writeup to go with it.  Furthering my descent into procrastination, I’ll likely make supplementary about some of the games.

So here’s what I was doing instead of holiday shopping or pursuing goals…

[NOTE:  If any of the album links don’t work, click here to see the whole list of albums – since I was running into issues while trying to follow the individual links.]

NCAA Football 2010 – Playstation Portable (PSP)

This game is probably the most mentioned or referred-to on any blog about writing.  It’s a sports game, but I cribbed my Road to Glory gimmick from what’s often known as Campus Legend Mode in this game.

When I need to spend some time getting some laughs and setting my creativity to idle, I play this game.  It’s been something of a hobby in the past to take screenshots of this game.  Manual instant replays allow for pausing; zooming; even rotating, and the excessive celebrations- I mean school spirit after some plays are downright funny.  A favorite of mine is a player making a touchdown, then spinning the ball in the end zone as he crouches down…pretending to warm his hands by the faux flame of a twirling football.  I’m pretty sure this game will keep popping up, should I continue this as a regular feature.  It may also be a chief reason for adding video capture to my PSP.

Gladiator Begins – PSP

For the record: games rated M make up the smallest percentage of my playing time.  Not that I’m a prude or anything, but most stuff with “mature” content doesn’t have appeal to me as far as the game mechanics or story.

Why do I keep coming back to this one?  It’s not because I like how sandals look against sand, and certainly not because I’m an enthusiast of Jor-El the non-Brando Russell the phoneslinger.  It has an open world feel and a myriad of customization.

The replay factor is high with this one; especially with the mechanic which lets you replay the same storyline over again with increased difficulty – and allowing you to retain the same character and inventory.

The Polar Express – Game Boy Advance (GBA)

Being December, I was at that point of needing more holiday spirit.  ABC Family kept running the movie Polar Express, which really is decent for a holiday flick [have you seen what passes for “Christmas” on the Hallmark Channel now?].  I went online to check out trivia and stats for it when I discovered a game existed.  I got curious so decided to take it for a one-day whirl.

You are the same boy from the movie; but now you have excuses to move around in and outside of the train.  You collect bells hidden throughout the level, and rely on hot chocolate to replenish any lost health.  Part of my curious was how the digitized footage looked – which was always something which was hit-and-miss from my recollection of youth.  I wouldn’t put this 2004 game up against anything “modern” so to speak, but it gave off an NES vibe when playing it.  Just as the movie hoped to accomplish, I felt a tad nostalgic playing this: in an eight bit kind of way.

That’s all for December.  January shall have new games, new albums, and at least one old favorite – with a twist (and no, it’s not a Chinese bootleg of Unbreakable).

If you want to see more of a game or suggest one for me to try, leave a comment.  No console too big or too small – but “too new” could be a restriction.


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