Literary Road to Glory: 2013

Mesnard’s “Glory Road” progress:

Year 2 dorm room

Lat year I had delusions of ambition.  Not only did I make a whole slew of writing goals, but I wanted to formulate a system where I could fail and still succeed: so I wouldn’t fall into the trappings of a majority who make resolutions for a new year.  Thus, I adopted this Road to Glory point system and progress meter…heavily stolen inspired by the PSP game NCAA Football 2010.

My version entailed a month-by-month roadmap: with secondary goals to help bolster any months which I faltered; or rather, my endeavors proved too ambitious.  To top it off, I made a more long-term (and secretive) goal which I gave myself a decade to accomplish.

What’s my secret agenda?  That’s still a pinky swear with Palpatine shrouded with secrecy.  Life would be boring without secrets, don’t you think?

Though my output was abysmal a few months (and then some), writing in December rather than enjoying Nanowrimo burnout was what finally helped me amass enough points to pull off a Road 2012 victory.

Since things seemed to go so well, I decided to definitely do it all over again for 2013.  Raising the stakes higher, I even altered my long-range goal (which is the second progress bar at the top of this post) to drive myself a tad harder.

What’s in store for me this year?  Hit the jump to get the month-by-month breakdown.

Below is what I plan to accomplish this year.  Some of it seems mundane; even repetitive, but it’s a double-edged sword.  Pedestrian as some of the months are, I

January:  write 2.500 words

February:  write 2,500 words

March:  write 2,500 words

April:  Camp Nano – first session!  Write 100 pages of a screenplay, or 50,000 words of a novel (and “win”).

May: write 2,500 words

June:  write 2,500 words

July: write 2,500 words

August:  Camp Nano – second session!  Write 50,000 words of a novel (and “win”).

September:  write 2,500 words

October:  write 2,500 words

November:  Nanowrimo!  The main event.  Write 50,000 words (and “win”).

December:  relax play catch-up

Last year, the idea was I could falter with a monthly goal and make it up doing a secondary goal.  Some secondary goals are built-in this year; meaning I can still make “extra credit” points (so to speak), but I still have to do some things to fill my progress bar.  These include:

  • Update my blog look/layout
  • Read four books or screenplays
  • post to this blog a dozen times
  • write ten short stories
  • make a monthly “gaming” post (new feature)
  • do one big thing

Will I succeed?  Hopefully.  Posting this stuff makes me instantly accountable, and I don’t like to fail.  As I said last year, finding out shall be part of the fun.

Hopefully I’ll stay more on top of updates this year…crossing off things I accomplish or making excuses for things I don’t.  Keep checking this place, and make all the comments you with – encouraging or otherwise.  I like a challenge.

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