Literary Road to Glory: 2012 Recap

The dorm room is packed and cleaned; which brings my foray into literary ambition to a close…at least for this year.  I didn’t plan to give up after a single year of making resolutions.  The big question is how I fared.

Before I cap things off, here’s a look at the cryptic “score sheet” I scrawled out to help become my roadmap. [click to enlarge]

2012 goal sheet (top)

2012 goal sheet (bottom)

How cryptic was it?  I tried to decode it on at least three occasions.  The sheet of notebook paper made a lot of sense at the time, but I made alterations as the months rolled by…a bit because the unexpected cropped up, but mostly to make things more challenging for myself.

After the jump is my 2012 progress report.

Getting down to business…

January Add 10,000 words to my Nano 2011 novel.  Verdict?  Nope!  I slacked it.

February Make a Script Frenzy [Screnzy] regional leadership bid; add 20,000 words to my Nano 2011 novel.  Verdict?  Mixed bag.  I applied to be a Script Frenzy Municipal Liaison, but the decision process took longer than anticipated.  As for the writing?  I let time get away from me as far as my novel was concerned.

March Prepare a screenplay concept for Script Frenzy;  host a mixer before the event [or] plan a scriptwriting crash course; add 10,000 words to my Nano 2011 novel.  Verdict?  Nothing accomplished as far as those monthly goals, I did become a Script Frenzy Municipal Liaison for the state of Arizona – which was part of the February agenda.  There was some planning towards my screenplay, but not to the degree I hoped for; which is why I didn’t think that goal was upheld.

April Script Frenzy!   100 page of a screenplay to “win” the event; finish the script; add to my Nano 2011 novel.  Verdict?  I wrote the screenplay quota, but didn’t complete it – meaning I got a win but just not the completed draft.  I also made zilch novel progress, but maybe that should have been expected by now.

May 20,000 words added to Nano ’11 novel.  Verdict?  Nope.  Is there a trend developing?

June Add 10,000 words to my Nano ’11 novel and/or complete [at least] the first draft of my Nanowrimo ’11 novel.  Order my free copies via CreateSpace by the 30th.  Verdict?  I added Camp Nano to my goals – deciding to attempt (and “win”) the first session instead of waiting for the second.  It was a good thing too, since that was the only part of the monthly goal I accomplished.  I was slightly bummed that my code went to waste, but that’s how things go sometimes.

July Complete short [holiday?] story; continue writing on a Nanowrimo novel or start work planning towards a new book (such as one of my “video game” adaptations).  Verdict?  Nay.  None of it got done.  I think I spent the month recuperating from packing in so many words to win Camp Nano’s June session.  To date, it was my biggest single writing day.  Hopefully I won’t have to power out words like that again; especially since it was out of need more than want.

August Camp Nanowrimo!  Write at least 50,000 words to “win” this event.  Verdict?  The was a goal moved up to June from August, but I decided to give it a go [again] for the second session of Camp.  I went the “rebel” route, and continued my screenplay: via the Script Frenzy rules; counting each page as 500 words.  Using this formula, I had a complete success in the month of August: accomplishing all I set out to do.  That was the first month, in case anyone is keeping score.

September Organizational period: plan more on my long-in-the-works Star Wars story(?); catch up on blog posts, or work on any secondary/secret goals.  Verdict?  Call it another burnout/recuperation month.  Nothing seemed to move forward; even if I didn’t have to work as hard on the last day of Camp Nano.

October Prep for  Nanowrimo 2012.  Verdict? I an attempt planning for a new novel, but realized it would take more time than I had to develop it properly – so I abandoned it.  A premonition said I needed to write as many words as possible with the least amount of brain power needed.  I fell back on continuing my Nano story from 2011.  I can’t call this month successful since I did no October planning for the book I continued; aside from reading a few earlier passages within an hour of the midnight start/kickoff of Nano.

November Nanowrimo!  The main writing event of the year.  Write 50,000 words to “win” the original OLL writing marathon.  Verdict?  Of course I nailed it.  I set “Thanksgiving Eve” as my personal goal for 50k, which I achieved.  I also made a vow in June and August not to drag out getting the writing done; since I was so miserable being in a large deficit during both Camp sessions.  This became the second month I met the monthly expectations.

Not to brag, but I even got the chance to read a screenplay during the month. Which one?  Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods.  It was the unmade “Crystal Skull” draft written by Frank Darabont; who wrote for the Young Indiana Jones Adventures television series.  [People such as Rick McCallum and David Tattersall were also involved with that show.  Geek lesson over.]  How did it rate?  Compared to what eventually limped into theaters, this script really nailed the humor and warmth which people took to so well with the third installment.  Even Papa Jones is in it (and his name isn’t Earl).  I still feel a tad intimidated to attempt my own goofy Indy premise- not as much goofy as the fear of not executing it properly.  No, it’s not a Fate of Atlantis adaptation.  Whoops – time to get back on topic…

December BURN OUT.  End of the line for 2012…  Verdict?  I really did plan to live up to my intentions of burning out.  When I wrote my “Road” map in January, I figured i would have been tired of writing and ride out the rest of the year.  At some point in the first week of December, I decided to add a goal; and even raise the stakes.  I aimed to write [at least] 2,000 words each day in November in order to stay on-task during Nano.  There were seven days I certainly missed the target.  Totaling up the amount I fell short came up to 7,482 words; so that number became my December word count goal.  The site Figment; where I post my shorts now; has achievement badges to earn.  One of them was writing ten stories utilizing their “Daily Theme” prompts in 2012.  I had three completed by December, but felt confident.  My second goal for December was to earn the aforementioned badge.  Pushing things to the last day, I ended up with exactly ten Daily Theme pieces written; though at least two of them were posted as first drafts.  I even managed to write another short, which was for a Figment contest.  Part one: check – but how was my quantity?  Only using one word count per piece (rather than adding up a first and second draft towards the word count tally), I ended up with a total of 9,617 words written in December.  Nearing 10k in a month I hoped to write absolutely nothing in when setting my goals in January?  I failed at burning out, but I can safely say December was a double success in the literary way.  This also marks the third month all I set out to do was accomplished.

The monthly goals were one half of my resolution equation.  Due to how low my monthly batting average was, I’m glad I devised a “fallback” to the system.

  • Read/finish at least four books.

I managed that one somehow.  *ding*

  • Post at least twelve times this year on this blo.

It was almost a sure thing when I set that goal.  *ding*

  • Post at least twelve (combined) times on my other blogs.

I didn’t even try to add it up. That’s how certain I am am it didn’t happen.  *BUZZ*

  • Write at least four short stories this year (hopefully in a “seasonal”nature).

Considering I wrote eight new pieces in December, it’s a safe assumption I was victorious with that one.  *ding*

So how did my points add up towards my wacky plan to make short and long (and backup) range resolutions?

That is the color of a full progress bar.  It may even be a tick or two on the plus side, but I don’t think it displays any spillover.

What’s next?  2013 of course!  Will I do anything differently?  Indeed.  My monthly stuff will likely be more straightforward, but I’ll also ratchet up some of my expectations.

Stay tuned for a new progress bar and a fresh dorm room as I enter year two.  Year two of what?

To be continued…


3 comments on “Literary Road to Glory: 2012 Recap

  1. lycia says:

    What is this?
    Look like very complicated. ..

  2. Brad Werner says:

    Interesting rundown of the year. I’m curious; what is the current status of your screenplay from April/August?

    • Mesnard says:

      I still have the April/August screenplay on ice (where it’s been lingering in my sidebar – haha). I’m calling it a miniseries for now since it’s rather beefy. This is what happens when I don’t use my “process” to keep a screenplay reined it. Who knows though…it may even be shootable one day.

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