Been a year, Mikey…

Mikey fishy

It’s been a year and two days since you saw a Dead Hot Workshop performance.  It’s been a year and a day since you spent all night getting the baby’s room up to your level of perfection – and it’s been a year since I found out a December phone call would be our last conversation.

A day still hasn’t gone by without something popping into my mind.  A song; a Howard moment; a syndicated Simpsons episode I didn’t see yet.

Most commonly it’s one of those throwaway lines we’d use towards one another; like a stenographer’s shorthand.  Something most wouldn’t pay attention to, but spoke a paragraph of feelings or emotion towards one frivolous thing or another.  “Who told you that!”  “Oh no, nippy.”  “MM-hmmm…”  “Hello hello.”  “See?  Wha’d I tell you!”  “Ho-MER…!”  “Let me see bonehead…”

What’s a worse travesty – me not talking to you again or me not knowing your favorite Dead Hot album?  Who am I kidding – it was that garage cassette tape you never got enough of…and didn’t get enough of making me listen to.  Not like I objected.  I was just as proud as you were when we saw your favorite band “go national” so to speak.  I still have a copy of that Best Buy ad safely tucked away in a box somewhere.

Music was a thing of ours.  With all we had in common, nothing was better than listening to CDs in your Toyota – or whatever music format on my stereo.  Hunting down tracks; hearing new cuts on the radio.  Acoustic rarities.  Our shared interest in local and obscure music; including bands we went to high school with.  I still wonder how your radio picked up those heyday performances of Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin as we froze while camping out in the woods near the crater for that dirtbike race.

I hoped to post a  jukebox of tunes, but these will more than do: representing the Tempe sound and spirit of Long Wongs.  As Brent would say, “This is a love song…  Well, they’re all love songs, aren’t they?”

Amazing. You still had a way to help guide with a couple of these choices.

Flip a coin / What shall we talk about

Something new next year?

Even if I did…I still doubt I would forget.


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