NaNoWriMo: 50k Reached!

2012Winner-180x180With around an hour left in the day, I hit 50,000 words on the twenty-first of November.  My personal goal was to hit the mark before Thanksgiving, so I guess I cut it close.

Still more to go.  It’s like this novel won’t ever have a final chapter…even though I have some of the broad strokes for the end in my mind.  I’m doing my best to make it a payoff worthy of all the words which precede it, but I’m taking it a step at a time.

This is still draft zero.  Nano is very run-and-gun for me.  It causes a lot of word padding, dynamic shifts, and tangents.  I don’t even consider these first drafts anymore.  Often the speed and creative process causes a major shift in story or tone.

If none of that scared you off, a great deal of this draft can be found here.



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