Calling a Sidebar & Update

This it to let it be known I did a little work on the layout again; mainly updating the sidebar.

For the sake of NaNoWriMo, I added a progress bar (with extra tags) to show not only my daily performance by color (green being hitting the daily word count – and orange, yellow; then red if an abysmal word day.  It also displays the total word count and my percentage of 50,000 words complete at the top.
But that’s not all!  I also redid my “Road to Glory” progress bar.  Though not all my true progress has been totaled in, clicking the meter will bring up my original post about my monthly goals – which I updated through November.

On top of that, I rearranged the order of projects displayed in the sidebar also; with at least one updated cover.  If anyone wants to read more of any of them, I can reply back with links.

Sorry for what may seem like a boring post, since I don’t have crazy linkage or any of the usually-expected things.  I’d try to get my sponsorship info up, which is a little bit out there.

As a bonus, here’s the signature I’m using in the Nano forum this year.  Once again, I’m trying for a little bit of the lunatic vibe when I did it.


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