Officially Announcing my Nano-Nonsence

Most everyone knows my drive in November is more than my childhood dream of getting to eat a drumstick off John Madden‘s backup bird.  It’s writing like a fool for the sake of delusional diversionary some sort of literary endeavor.

There was a fantastic idea which came to me in early October: adapting a screenplay I did a lot of prep work on but felt too intimidated to quite write.  Ends up, I don’t want to even try tackling it at this point – knowing it would take a month of prep to organize into something I would feel confidant enough to execute as a novel.  So scratch that one…for now.

Then a friend of mine contacted me out of the blue in hopes I would finish my story which started out as a 2008 Nano novel (and later was worked on for part of Nanowrimo 2010 also).  The notion felt like the perfect excuse to shelve my new and likely way-too ambition project (due to circumstance)…but later on I realized something.

If I worked further on the 2008 story, some stuff would have to be put in place before November.  I would have to gather up all my notes; being sure to have my “backstory” writeups to work off.  I planned to have at least one chapter where the whole truth was laid out for the reader [despite what any of the characters of the story may know] — which would come up in the first week of November; should I keep writing the story in order…or at least the book’s order rather than actual continuity.  On top of that, I still felt a need to finish the chapter I left off before November; more for my own sake, but also because I had minor notes to pull up.  This is also the chapter which I employed one of the region’s Municipal Liaisons as a character in the book.  Due to all of those things, I decided to jettison the notion of continuing it at this juncture.  Which lead towards my final idea.

So much chaos has been thrown my direction, it’s not even worth bringing up.  Maybe when I am one day disassociated with it, there will be some sort of wide-reaching drama of Sorkinian proportions: followed by mild accolades.  Until that point, I won’t bother speaking about it in this venue.

I needed something to write as quickly as I can with the least amount of brainpower as possible.  I won’t call this a weak story or a consolation prize, but I knew it would be there for me if all else failed.

Not that I don’t like the story.  I have high hopes for it and think it has a lot of merit: once I hit the actual groove and one day get through a second draft.  Aside from myself, this story (at this very moment) has a cheering section of one.  The two of us could either be called mad or merely early adopters.

The novel shall be what I started just short of a year from this date.  At the moment, I say it’s more akin to 1001 Arabian Nights rather than a by-the-book novel.  My joke is it’s to books what television can be to cinema: able to develop more organically and have an overall story with small moments all within.  My first draft first chapters are usually the worst things of any of my written word, but that’s just how it is sometimes.

It would be nice to have a shot at finishing this tome of an elementary school student’s story.  I do feel confidant the story has a lot going for it — and it’s closer to the end than the beginning.  In my own mind, I think the ending will be a big payoff for the whole book in general, so I really can’t wait until I get to that point.

Much of the story is on my Figment profile.  There is a lot to it since I started it for Nano 2011, then continued it during Camp Nano‘s June session.

So there you have it!  i declared.  Now let’s see me try to follow through.  [As if I have a choice?]


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