Zapping the Blog’s PRAM

What’s been passing as my blog of late has been appalling.  Yes, I know.  I take the blame.  So what am I doing about it?

Being all about the retcon, I will be posting more…in the appropriate times of occurrence.  Aside from articles and my writing exploits, there will be a slight increase in testosterone as I post a few “sports” articles.

Due to my dabbling in Sanrio, and other things frowned upon by many testosterone-infused members of society, I’ve tried balancing things out by participating in various fantasy sports leagues, such as on Yahoo.  This year I even decided to be commissioner of my own league: with hopes of fun over knowledge.  I hoped to post the “game of the week” here to add a little more to the blog’s breadth…and I’ll be open to names if anyone else wants to try out any of the free leagues I want to be commissioner of in the future.

My other hope is to make the place look a little nicer with added features.  Since Nanowrimo is closer than I want to acknowledge, I plan to add something extra to the sidebar so people can keep tabs on me.  I’d love to add the extra tabs and such, but time is against me (as usual).  I still plan to have something for supporters and a silly “accolades” type of page as well.  People who knew me in my defunct there is another MMO or in the online sports leagues know I love to chase medals.

Will the blog improve — cosmetically or via content?  Will my Road to Victory see a checkered flag in 2012?  Will I win the OLL Quadruple Crown?  Will I keep any of my aforementioned proposals?

Stay tuned…


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