Camp Nano: New Cabin Assignment

A grouping of campers. Not from my cabin, but somewhere…

I heard cabins were changing this year, but I didn’t expect anything to be this different…

Not that I’m afraid of change.  Spartan as I expect them to be (in order to squeeze in up to six people per cabin), they at least have electricity and intermittent wifi.  The plus side of internet interruptions means one way to cut down my online procrastination.  A downside is a possible lack of blog posts, but I’m sure most understand – especially with my posting dry streak of late.  So long as I reach 50,000 words by September, the accommodations are fine by me.

What struck me as odd was the kind of upgrade Camp Counselors got.

If only they had MLs for Camp Nano…  Then I might have similar digs.  I’d share it with my cabin mates of course.  Sharing is what I’m about.

No complaints from me – either way.  Actually, the place can have its moments.  Someone even told me it had a romantic feel.

Since I’m on the subject…  I did submit a concept design for a cabin setup, but OLL flatly turned me down.  Something about not being able to pay all the licensing fees involved:

Good thing I suppose.  On second thought, I’d be chased off the premises with torches and pitchforks; all while being pelted with rocks and garbage.  It would also make pursuing the OLL Quadruple Crown extremely difficult.

Here’s to my cabin and its mates.


2 comments on “Camp Nano: New Cabin Assignment

  1. Theresa says:

    I just signed up–no cabin yet.

    • Mesnard says:

      The camp system usually cycles once every 24 hours. If anyone hates their cabin, they can drop out and then click on cabin preferences to reconfigure settings – then wait it out for a new one to be assigned.

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