Bombed Out on Getting “Kiss”ed

To put it out there, I missed the long list for 50 First Kisses.  I thought it was a good stab, but that’s what love’s all about…know what I mean?  The pic above is my own stab at levity – since I’m never as suave and short-worded as the man who deemed who was fit enough to be with those amongst the clouds.

Maybe I’ll post it – maybe I won’t.  Maybe it really deserved to not make it.  The peeps-who-be may not have thought mine really embodied love.  I felt it was: at least parts of love.  But love ain’t perfect; as I hear it said.

If any of you know contact me, maybe I’ll give a peep.  We shall see.  Felt worse than when my YT-1300 ship (named Milkrunner) got blasted when I didn’t time my jump through deep space well enough.  [Hoofah to those PvPing imperial gunboats.]

[Just in case you wondered, sabacc is a game similar to Blackjack – to briefly put it – made famous in the Star Wars galaxy; mostly for the fact Han Solo won the Millennium Falcon from Lando Calrissian.]


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