Camp Nano: Week Four Progress

The counselors at Camp Nanowrimo told me this was the most humane way to put a book out of its misery.  I will make no statement either way.

Wish I could say the image is me burning through my book and it will be kidnapped by teamsters ready for punishing you publishing soon.  To quoteth Thor, “Nay.”

I am happy to say I have more words written than to go after this week: meaning I got past the halfway mark.  I’ll cut to the pertinent parts of the breakdown-

My Average Words Per Day: 1,452
Total Words Written: 33,401(of 50,000)
Words Remaining: 16,599(as of June 23)

At This Rate You Will Finish On: July 4
Words Per Day To Finish On Time: 2,075

I’m shaving that estimated finishing date down.  I recall it being July 10 at one point…so I’m bridging that gap.

When I hit 50k, maybe I’ll give followers a peek inside my cabin.  It’s sort of our blog-within-a-blog.

If I make better headway, I’ll post an update on my main character.  Stay tuned…


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