Camp Crunch: Day 20 of 30




In horse racing and drinking, I think they call it Post Time?

That is long gone I suppose…unless you want to count this as The End is the Beginning is the End the beginning of the end is the Beginning is the End for session one of Camp Nanowrimo 2012.

I’m still approaching the middle of the race: shy of the halfway mark of 25k.  Here’s the breakdown…

Average Words Needed Per Day: 1,667
My Average: 1,245
Target Word Count: 50,000
My Total (19th @ 11:59pm): 24,907
Words Remaining: 25,093
Current Day: 20
Days Remaining: 11
At This Rate You Will Finish On: July 10, 2012
Words Per Day To Finish On Time: 2,282
July 10th?  That’s not an option!
Time to do like JSBX and kick it into High Gear, baby (sans reindeer in my vehicle’s grille, of course).

One comment on “Camp Crunch: Day 20 of 30

  1. quix689 says:

    That’s not so bad. I have to write about 1900 words a day, or 4k today to catch back up. We can do this!

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