Moonlight Books You’ll Never Read

These books all look like great finds at yard sales – or more-worn versions of these could be found in a library discard pile.  Thankfully and shamefully, neither of these is an option.

By way of Figment:

“Unfortunately for all of us, it’s a collection of FICTIONAL fiction. Fake books that that master auteur Wes Anderson created for his new–in select theaters now!–movie Moonrise Kingdom.”

What does that mean?  James Cameron can call off the blue kitties dogs since that hued female on the far right won’t conflict with monies coming from any future trips to Pandora (the movie planet, not that awesome music service which I have a profile on).

According to the prophecy, Wes Anderson actually commissioned these covers to be made – but he wrote excerpts for each book.

Still want to read a little bit of these books?  Well here may be as close as you get.  Watch the video below and make it count.

Hit the jump to see additional images…

To read where I lifted most of this post from (and see a Tori Amos reference in the comment(s), click here.

Check out Fire Wire’s The Animated Stories of Wes Anderson’s Moonlight Kingdom post to find out more.  It’s well-written and has another image or two from the movie (and I lifted these bonus pics from the place).


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