My “Work”Space: 2012.05.22

While gearing up for Camp Nanowrimo, I was trolling the forum and saw one asking where your writing is done.  The above is where I theoretically expound my creativity and all that jazz: since late 2011.  Somewhere on a camera drive is a pic from a couple years back.

Not complaining: merely a declarative sentence.  At least I know I can write about anywhere these days – including Mad Magazine’s depiction of ’80s downtown Beirut a PLO peace accord in the eighties.  Maybe I’ll find an older desk pic for comparison sometime.

I’ll do my best to clean the space before June first.  At least I’ll think about it.


2 comments on “My “Work”Space: 2012.05.22

  1. Theresa says:

    My desk is about the same. I’ll clean it off when it starts getting to me–which will be soon. If I could just throw the bill away, it wouldn’t be so hard to take care of!

    • Mesnard says:

      Now that I recall…maybe I cleaned the desk off a short bit before Script Frenzy started. If I ever get a detailed picture, maybe I have to point out all the craziness that can be seen.

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