Happy Mother’s Day 2012

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!  In a galaxy full of empty promises, I hope mine rings close-enough-to-true by saying I’ll do my best to cause less chaos than the guy above.

In addition to echoing The Pietà, I like how this image “returns the favor” so to speak; when Anakin last spoke with his mom.  Her coming back to offer comfort while he’s stranded on Mustafar speaks volumes – especially considering the depths this boy from Tatooine plummeted by this point.  That goes to show why so many cards get purchased around this time in May.

Don’t forget to pause a bit to think of at least one time mom was there for you – especially a time when it seemed nobody else was.

I came across this image when seeking out some Star Wars propoganda poster art.  Joe Corroney is a talented artist; doing work for a variety of licenses including Doctor Who; Marvel; Star Trek; 24; True Blood.  See lots more here.

Click the image above or here if you want the full color version.  For the larger black and white sketch, click here.  Added note: the original art for the color version is available for $600.  How’s that for a Mother’s Day card?

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