New short story: Brownstone, the Woman, and Soda Cans

In between all the writing I keep piling up for myself [finishing my screenplay from April’s Script Frenzy; MCA thoughts and musings; finishing my Nanowrimo novel from November], I came across an appealing Figment Daily Theme – so I wrote another short story.

The site (though skewed towards a younger audience) has ways to stimulate writing and creativity with things like contests and exercises.  Click the above image or here to see the story, but keep reading to learn more about the writing instructions [which I’m still open to suggestion when it comes to the title].

The Figment Daily theme for May 10, 2012 was about point of view and perspective; presented by writer Jennifer Gilmore.  Although I probably misinterpreted the instructions, the story came out decently for me. – and that’s what counts.

For the exercise, some passages were written out with multiple points of view.  The idea (as I interpreted it) was to unify the story; retelling it with a single

What appealed to me was retelling a story as a different individual.  By making it first person and someone totally different than the original observer in the passages…I figured the perspective would naturally change with it.

If you want to see the whole challenge, here’s the theme with the original story.  Feel free to compare it against my version.


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