Act Today!

For all of you who have aversions to dots in acronyms, you might not have known I was trying to pass along a national holiday.  Reading the banner above should give the gist.  For all who want to know just a bit more…

The day is April 12th to coincide with Beverly Cleary’s birthday.  The idea of D.E.A.R. originated in the book Ramona Quimby, Age 8.

If you want to truly Drop Everything And Read, all you have to do is click this link, which will take you to a free excerpt from one of the Ramona books.  What are you waiting for?  =)

I learned about this holiday via the site Mental Floss.  Here’s a link with a short article about Beverly Cleary:  Hopefully that’s enough of a shout out.

Beverly Cleary was probably the most prolific author [at least] through my formative years, and my 2011 Nanowrimo novel is pretty much a direct result of her influence…with my own flavor added of course.


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