Script Frenzy 2012 signature and poster

I prefer a rougher edge, or amateur feel; opposed to super-slick.  Maybe it’s the indie vibe or something.  The statement is obvious with the look of my blog and obviously this image too.   Hopefully it’s not too much, but I’ll subdue it if deemed “too much” by the Script Frenzy populace.

Maybe a lot of writers have a jumble of a mess of ideas and thoughts scratching towards the surface – similar to the unnecessary occupant in the lonely grave of Paula Schultz.  The ones with substance eventually burst through, and the rest either languish or try to accumulate more gravitas or intrigue to be considered another day.

I figure here is as good of place as anywhere to post it.  I also made a quickie dummied poster for my Screnzy profile.  Give your opinion on either.


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