Finished a book: The Blues Brothers

The Blues Brothers by “Miami Mitch

[How acquired: borrowed – yeah, that’s what it was…]

I really was wracked with guilt in obtaining this book.  First of all, I never knew there was a novelization of one of my favorite movies of all time – which I argue is the best pound-for-pound movie ever made.  The only thing I thought ever released in print was Blues Brothers: Private; which I love to death, and own an original copy of (with the poster – which I hung up; couldn’t help it).

The novel is good, but of course differs highly from the actual movie.  There’s a lot of great humor, but it starts pretty drearily…which makes sense to gain sympathy for Jake and Elwood.  The down side is you can’t hear a musical number in a book, but there are a lot of songs mentioned which don’t appear in the movie.  I’ll read it again since it has great replay value [as the movie itself] – and I’ll jot down all the tunes to make a compilation disc.

A cool thing about the novelization is how much more the non-Blues members are fleshed out.  Instead of grabbing half of them in a deft swoop, most of the band is tracked down one-by-one; the final member not making it until close to the end.

A favorite backing member of mine has always been Donald “Duck” Dunn.

In the book, his straight job is a burglar alarm technician.  He also happens to be a bit of an electrical wizard.

Another great things is the explanation of what got Jake tossed into the clink before the movie started.  It was noble – from a certain view.  It would have made a great actual scene, but it wouldn’t have fit well into the movie’s flow.

If you can find it – grab and read it.  I’ll buy a legit copy and return mine to the place it came from…

For clarification sake, I would have bought the book if it was a buck.  I would have paid five or so for it even…to help support the cause.  It wasn’t for sale and I had to read it.  I donated a ton to this particular place, so I can’t say I did nothing for them.  Jake Papageorge would have understood: and he saw the light.


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