Ebert’s Citizen Kane

A lineup was announced for Ebertfest: a film festival which Roger Ebert puts a lot of work into (as well as a lot of others he gives plenty of credit to).

Here’s what he said of this viewing which seems pretty revolutionary to me…even though he did it a number of years with his film class when teaching:

“Using the scene-by-scene technique, I’ve often gone through “Kane” and other films with an audience. The ground rules are simple: We show the film. When anyone in the room sees something they want to discuss, they call out “Stop!” and we freeze the frame and discuss it, sometimes nudging the film forward or back one frame at a time. In the early days, we did this on 16mm. Then laserdiscs. Then DVDs. Now we have the new Blu-ray 70th anniversary edition. I make no claims to be a distinguished expert on “Kane,” but when you look at a film with thousands of eyes joining you, it’s likely that sooner or later you’ll have discussed just about everything discussable.”

That sounds pretty sweet.  It’s also a way for him to get some words in as well; since he lost his speaking voice.  Thankfully this release has the audio commentary from the original DVD but not the picture (my apologies to John Lowry – who still inspires; rescues and, innovates even after the death of film his death).

Ebert has the most informative and relevant timewaster of a blog; thank goodness for the electronic medium, or I’d never know what a credit to humor; cinema; sobriety  he is.


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