Mike Dorsey – March 23rd 2012

You should have been here.

You should have been thirty-four.

You should been unable to take my call: spending the time with your wife.  Your son.  A daughter- though she couldn’t lay eyes on you just yet.

I should have heard a story from my brother – making me jealous I missed another hangout session; or rather, jealous of whatever spirit was ingested during a celebration.

Instead, it’s a spirit I can only remember.

By now I should know what to call you – besides Mikey.

Instead: I know F (or L?) a bit.  I know C.  I kind of know S.  I should know them better.  I hope.  Just as I hope I did a good enough job listening and knowing who you are…

…because some questions still haven’t been answered.  You know I’m patient – sometimes too much so.  I wait.  I hope.

Maybe I’m here because I still have to try helping as many as you have.  If it can ever be counted.

I’m happy for what I ha[d]ve with you.

People say to celebrate.  Not mourn.  I’m trying.


4 comments on “Mike Dorsey – March 23rd 2012

  1. v says:

    I knew Mike in High School. I considered him one of my closer friends. We lost touched many years ago, and I just found out about his passing. I am shocked and saddened. He was a really really great guy when I knew him, and doubt that ever did or ever would change.
    I am so sorry for your loss.

    • Mesnard says:

      Thanks for that comment. Mike never changed; and if he had, it was only for the better. I know most of his favorite bands in high school were the same (especially the local ones). “That sounds like Mike” is what people say about any anecdote regarding him – whether they knew him two or twelve years back.

      Since you knew him in high school, I’m pretty sure we must have associated to a degree as well…or if not, we heard stories about one another. Mike would share anything, including friends. Drop me a line and we can talk. It would be good to hear from you.

      Thanks again for your sentiments. Apologies you just found out, but it makes me glad I posted this; since I wanted people to keep on remembering or learning about Mike.

  2. felisha dorsey says:

    This is really touching. I think i know exactly who wrote it. Almost 9 months and still to hard to believe. It is true when they say god only takes the best. Our daughter is a spitting image of him. Really wish he would have got the chance to meet her. He was taken to young from us. He was the best husband, friend, and man that i have always dreamed of. Just wish i got more time with him. Thank you for writing this. It is beautiful.

    • Mesnard says:

      Thanks so much for giving me your stamp of approval. It’s all true – guilty as charged. You probably know it’s me, even if you don’t. [as Mike said, “You don’t know who it is, but you do.”]

      Part of me didn’t want to post anything to draw any attention to myself – however, I figure the story of him needs to spread out as far and wide as possible. What can I say? I’ve always been proud of the guy. I still am.

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