Frenzy-ous News, Everyone!

This may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, kid this is a big deal for some: especially me.

I was chosen as a Municipal Liaison for our region of Script Frenzy.  Most of you probably just asked, “Hubba-wha?”  That’s fine.  It means I am a cheerleader and scout who is supposed to make sure as many people make it out of the jungle alive; surviving the task of writing a screenplay.  You could have done it the easy way (if you clicked any of the images or linked phrases), but I’ll explain for anyone who prefer me to paraphrase things.

Script Frenzy is a spin-off of Nanowrimo [National Novel Writing Month].  The difference is instead of writing a novel in November, this is writing a screenplay in April.  100 pages, to be more precise.

If you’re a writer but curious about writing a screenplay – or you want to write that screenplay that’s been collecting dust…now it the time.  No pills.  Only a ticket.

Will you click it?

[Yeah I know Last Action Hero ruined magic tickets for many – but imagine this one inside a Scrumdiddlyumptious Bar.]

If you need to learn more, comment or mail me.  Either is fine.


One comment on “Frenzy-ous News, Everyone!

  1. lycia says:

    What is this?

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