Finished a book: Aaron and Ahmed

Aaron and Ahmed by Jay Cantor and James Romberger

[How acquired: Bookmans purchase]

Of course some will say this is a “comic book” – but I’m not here to debate a graphic novel.  If I read an Archie Digest, that won’t count.  I won’t even comment on it if somewhat open to interpretation.

As you see, the cover states it’s an advanced copy and not reflective of how the final product will turn out.  It was rather apparent when reading this since close to halfway through, the shading gave way to more penciling rather than shaded black and white.

It’s an interesting story and tries to get to the root of subjects such as terror, belief, and love.  The story can seem complicated in scope, but drops off in other areas.  This could be because of the twisted and self-losing journey the story’s main character makes.

I may not agree entirely with this review, but the site Graphic Policy shedding light on this graphic novel.

When I finally got a chance to peek inside the real deal, I couldn’t believe it was in color.  The story stays compelling and provokes much thought even in black ink, however.


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