Getting Popular?

Somehow I got a little attention.  I’m not certain how, but I’m not complaining.  I got a like and a follow all withing twenty-four hours.

This also marks my seventy-fifth “official” post according to WordPress; but don’t try to count it up on your own, since I do a lot of retro-blogging or “ninja posting” as I call it: altering a date to make up for my procrastination or continuity – depending the situation.

I’m in a good/procrastinating/grateful mood, so here’s who I met.

Flamedashes started following me.  Sms|DesiRe is his blog: described as “A site which can fulfill all your desire with fun”.  There is a LOT of posting going on over there and a lot of it is interesting.  Give a peek and maybe you’ll have a quick laugh at one of the musings.

Iodestruction liked a post: author of the blog Inanimate Object Destruction.  It’s pretty NSFW in the language sort of way, but it’s a fantastic blog if you like seeing items getting obliterated.

If anyone else wants to bravely like or follow me that ha a blog, I’ll try to get you back as well.


2 comments on “Getting Popular?

  1. Glad your blog is doing well, and things for promoting inanimate object destruction 😉

  2. I was a little scared to “like”, for fear of what you might say about my blog (which is new and totally still in the awkward stage)… but your post gave me a giggle!

    Good job 🙂

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