Another Television Cancelation

Hello friends and lovers.  Today I am here to talk to you about yet another show canceled on me.  If the pic was familiar, you understood why I chose my first sentence.

This isn’t breaking news – like discovering the shows Bored to Death and Terriers canceled within hours of the decision.  I had my suspicions on this one, but it took stumbling upon an article by Brad Pike to discover the disheartening realization.  His article Food Party: Requiem for the Best TV Show Ever Made was not only rocking proper capitalization, but pretty much nailed how I felt about this television program (formerly on IFC).

“The show presented some profoundly surreal storytelling with plots that gleefully bent logic to the breaking point—giant talking rats, magic strawberry spitting, and floating pandas.”

You won’t hear me say the show is the best ever, but it certainly outclasses most newer shows on Adult Swim.  Those [AS] folks should pull a “Futurama” and figure out a way to put Food Party on their lineup. With a host/star like Thu Tran, what’s not to like?

Thu Tran of Food Party

A female-fronted shows on Adult Swim is still a minority.  She MORE than has the chops for it.  Take heed, Williams Street!

Food Party sounds like a cooking show, but delves into absurdity through each episode.  The sheer amount of creativity is boggling.  It’s silly humor isn’t for everyone…but anyone can say there is an insane amount of artistic endeavor behind every shot.  Or at least insanity in general. See?

I could put up another dozen pics since there’s much for me to love.  The

You know what?  While I write this, I’m thinking I should talk all about this show at a different time.  Maybe a bloggy-series of stuff I like that didn’t get much of a tv life.  I’ll think about it…and weigh the options versus the procrastination factor of my novel.  That thing kind of does have a deadline.


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