Finished a book: Spilling Ink

Spilling Ink: A Young Writer’s Handbook – by Anne Mazer and Ellen Potter

[How acquired: birthday gift]

I decided to give this book a peek in November; which usually isn’t the best time for Wrimos to to anything related to writing since they are supposed to be writing their novels that month – quantity over quality and all that good stuff.

Reading this in short bursts made me think a little bit more about my story.  It’s really a great book for younger people who want to write but don’t feel like they could.  It gives a lot of pointers on remembering you don’t have to follow any certain rules if you don’t want to.

Both writers are accomplished authors in the young writing field – whether it be picture books, middle grade, or young adult books.  The honest and enthusiastic vibe of this “handbook” makes me want to give a peek at some of their fiction writing.

Only when writing this post did I realize there is a whole plethora of support and encouragement tied to this book.  If you know anyone younger who needs a push to write; or even a little positive reinforcement yourself, give this book a peek.

Even if you don’t read the book, take a peek at all the motivational help and prompts on the book’s site:


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