January Progress Report (failure)

Groundhog Day is the perfect time to rehash some of what’s been going on in the first dozenth [if it’s not a real phrase, then why not?] of this calendar year.

As the headline reads (on the post, not the newspaper – though the newspaper *does* show an actual January literary failure), I was not a success in my first month as far as reaching my goal.

I failed to write 10,000 words pertaining to my novel this month.  A lot went on, and had been on my mind of course – but I can’t excuse it as much as say I should have dove into it much quicker.  Thankfully I built some failure into my prospectus for 2012.  Better luck next month, right?

Now to point out what I did accomplish:

Four blog posts (this one doesn’t count since it’s a new month).  My sticky might be my shining example for this moment (if not all year); though I wish the catalyst for it being written didn’t occur.

[I’ll “retcon” any of this when I get the final totals.]

•In the neighborhood of 1,000 words on my Nano ’11 novel.

•Around 718 words of miscellaneous writing [and no, blogging doesn’t count to me].

Non-goal accomplishments:

•Meeting Tom Leveen and scoring an autograph.  Really great guy and an honest author – plus inspiring to boot.  Go EVal for that win.

•Finally redid the look of my blog.  Kind of got that razor’s edge of maniacal and egotistical mixed with the goof factor.  Maybe I’ll do it again with higher resolution pics next time.  Did I nail it?

•Fixed my blogroll: now with updated links and better-worded explanations.  Also added a new link, which leads to…

•Possibly finding the best online home for my stuff in text.  I’m giving a spin on Figment (thanks to a recommendation/urging from a recent correspondence with a Nano winner).  Will it be the right spot?  Will it be nothing but a rest stop in Tweenerville?  Will it be a cool place to showcase writing and replace my Booksie account?  Only time [and my motivation] can tell.

Wow, you read all the way down here?  Guess that entitles you to a last January fail.  It’s not really about January but…  Nevermind.  Enjoy anyway!


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